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A taste of Limay, nata wara sa Albay?

A few days ago, I visited Bataan upon an invitation of a friend. One of the areas he brought me to was the Municipality of Limay, a First Class municipality with a population of 68,071. It was, at first impression, an ordinary town somehow similar to Polangui or even Daraga both in Albay and I … Continue reading A taste of Limay, nata wara sa Albay?


Beautifully Bicol

Beautifully Bicol FEAST WITH ME BY Stephanie Zubiri (The Philippine Star) October 17,2010 The majestic Mayon Volcano dominates the landscape. It is a paradox of nature: peaceful and pleasing to the eye with its near perfection and yet that steady stream of smoke from above its peak is a constant reminder of its fearsome wrath … Continue reading Beautifully Bicol