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Modern day palace in Barcelona, Sorsogon

The Premiere Press Sorsogon City - IT'S NOT IN SPAIN, Barcelona townhall is the newest attraction in this part of the province of Sorsogon as it opens to the public today May 22 2020. Mayor Atty.Cynthia Falcotelo Fortes is proud to present to her townmates the newly constructed P40M townhall as it is inaugurated today … Continue reading Modern day palace in Barcelona, Sorsogon

Road Trip: Estanza-Tabon-tabon Road

Who wouldn't want to save gas, and travel time while enjoying the treat of nature? The first time I was introduced to a by-pass road from Legazpi to Sorsogon was last year when I visited Pilar. But I didn't appreciate it yet because it was a gloomy day and I was battling with sleep due … Continue reading Road Trip: Estanza-Tabon-tabon Road

The Japanese Tunnel at BU

While the whole country is aghast with the hazing incident that lead to the death of Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Cadet Darwin Dormitorio, I remembered a tunnel at the back of Bicol University that also became a site for fraternity hazings. It was a Japanese-made L-shaped tunnel that was used as a stronghold during World … Continue reading The Japanese Tunnel at BU

A taste of Limay, nata wara sa Albay?

A few days ago, I visited Bataan upon an invitation of a friend. One of the areas he brought me to was the Municipality of Limay, a First Class municipality with a population of 68,071. It was, at first impression, an ordinary town somehow similar to Polangui or even Daraga both in Albay and I … Continue reading A taste of Limay, nata wara sa Albay?

Tricycle drivers and tourism in Legazpi City

One of the major factors that define the success or failure of a tourism program in an area is the transportation system. Kung pagabat an transportasyon, maski gurano kagayon kan lugar, magiging limitado sana an mga turista na mabisita diyan. Sarong ehemplo an Legazpi City na dawa ano’ng promote ni Mayor Noel Rosal asin Cong. … Continue reading Tricycle drivers and tourism in Legazpi City

Revisiting Gubat, Sorsogon

When one talks of Gubat, Sorsogon, the first thing that comes to mind is Rizal Beach -- the only beach in Sorsogon located at the center of a cove and is popularly known for its fine golden sand. But that was before. Gubat has changed a lot both physically, economically, and even politically. The first … Continue reading Revisiting Gubat, Sorsogon