Strawberry and Camping Farm

Who says you can only pick strawberries in Baguio City when you can also do it in Bicol?

You read it right. There are already strawberry farms in the Bicol Region and one of them is in Yocti, San Andres, Catanduanes — the Cristina’s Strawberry Farm. The farm is very accessible as it is just 15 minutes away from the San Andres seaport.

Aside from strawberries, the Farm also grows other fruits and vegetables that you can buy and harvest directly from where they are planted. In that way you can enjoy the freshness of the fruits and vegetables that are in season.

But wait, there’s more!

Do you know that the place is also good for camping? If you are an outdoor buddy, or would just like to simply experience the feeling of staying in open air, gazing at the stars or enjoying the bonfire, the Cristina’s Strawberry Farm also offer a place where you can pitch a tent and spend a night outside the confines of a house.

No tent? No worries. The Farm can provide a camping tent for you at PhP 350 for an overnight stay.

The farm also has a kitchen where you can cook your food. Kitchen wares are also available for free use. For more information, you can contact Cristina Torreda at 915 291 1439 or e-mail her at

Travel to Catanduanes is not anymore strict. For travel guidelines to the island province, visit this link.


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