Road Trip: Estanza-Tabon-tabon Road

Who wouldn’t want to save gas, and travel time while enjoying the treat of nature?

The first time I was introduced to a by-pass road from Legazpi to Sorsogon was last year when I visited Pilar. But I didn’t appreciate it yet because it was a gloomy day and I was battling with sleep due to the early morning flight. Prior to the lockdown due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, however, I had the opportunity to pass by that road again and I was not only able to save gas and travel time but was also treated to a breath-taking view of the hilly roadside to the ever-surprising Mayon Volcano. And that by-pass road: the Estanza-Tabon-tabon road.

It was a four-lane road with lush vegetation on both sides. Unfortunately, my phone memory was full so I wasn’t able to capture the grand appearance of Mt. Mayon.

Then we stopped by at the Mayon Viewdeck at Estanza and had our fill admiring the volcano and the contour of Barangay Estanza.

The only “minus” in the travel is the road down to Sitio Bagong Sirang which has become narrow. Hopefully, the city and provincial government look into this because when the Bicol International Airport in Alobo, Daraga opens, this Estanza-Tabon-tabon Road will become an indispensable route among travelers.


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