Modern day palace in Barcelona, Sorsogon

The Premiere Press

Sorsogon City – IT’S NOT IN SPAIN, Barcelona townhall is the newest attraction in this part of the province of Sorsogon as it opens to the public today May 22 2020.

Mayor Atty.Cynthia Falcotelo Fortes is proud to present to her townmates the newly constructed P40M townhall as it is inaugurated today via simple ceremony following health protocols on a GCQ placed locality.

photo credit: The Premiere Press

Classically designed, the townhall is a concept of then mayor now Vice Governor Atty. Manuel “Wowo” Fortes with the help of Governor Francis Escudero who provided the fund for the construction.

photo credit: The Premiere Press

UNIQUE, with breastfeeding area and comfort rooms for the PWD’s, gays and lesbians as a good gesture of respect to the disabled individuals and the LGBTQ.Mayor Fortes said the elegance and decency of its design symbolizes the administration’s high regard to the local officials, municipal employees,village officials and townfolks that would use the edifice as their official home.

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