Bik-Lish ( a derivative of “Bikol” and “English”) is an attempt to advocate the use and preservation of the Bikol tongue and literature. The site also sought to encourage, and be an avenue for, collaborative efforts to help revive the dying language of the Bicolanos.

In the course of time, however, Biklish evolved and had a life of its own. From starting as an attempt of the author to share his thoughts both in English and Bikol languages both in prose and poetry on any subject under the sun, it became an information database on anything about the Bicol Region and its people, and a site for social networking including  the building of family trees.

The Author/Site Administrator

The author and Site Administrator of Biklish is  J. A. Carizo from Legazpi City. He is a Researcher and Political Analyst; a journalist; a pollster doing political and socio-economic surveys as well as market studies; and a consultant on local governance, political economy, and media affairs. His clients include local chief executives, business tycoons, public relations practitioners, and government as well as non-government organizations both local and international.

The author is also engaged in the advocacy of free and open source technology, and with projects which aim to narrow the digital divide.


Help Biklish


Though Biklish had a life of its own, it still needs to nurture itself. Quoting Junason of Bulan Observer, “The search for the roots can never be a one-man undertaking…” To keep Biklish alive, it therefore needs your help. This can be in any of the following:

  1. Regularly visiting the site and dropping comments both to the articles and comments of other visitors. This will encourage more and more contributors and commenters.
  2. Share any information about Bikol, both historical and current. You can share it as a comment to any related post, or as an e-mail. You can email your contribution at biklish@gmail.com. If the information you wish to share cannot be digitized or have no time to digitize them, or if you wish to share books or similar stuff, please email Biklish.  We’ll look for a way to share that to the Biklish community.
  3. Share literary, historical or other articles worth reading. Feel free to e-mail Biklish at biklish@gmail.com.
  4. Cash donations, though not encouraged, may be accepted especially for site maintenance and for information research. On how to donate, e-mail Biklish at biklish@gmail.com or click the button below.

Thank you and welcome to Biklish.