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Is there crab mentality among Bikolanos?

Aki pa ako, pirmi nang sinasabi na may crab mentality daa an mga Bikolano. Mala ta bako lang daa uragon kundi makaurag man. Yan ang dahilan kun nyata dai nag-aasenso an Bikolandia. Kan panahon ni depuntong Presidente Ferdinand Marcos, an nagkapira sa mga kadre kan New People's Army (NPA) sinasabing mga Bikolano. At the same … Continue reading Is there crab mentality among Bikolanos?


The Art of “Tatsar”

The "major, major response" of Maria Venus Raj finally led her to a "major, major mistake". One, it led her to lose the Miss Universe crown, and two, it fed the hunger for mistakes of the "tatsadores and tatsadoras". Siyempre dawit diyan an elementary teacher niya sa Bato kun saen siya primerong nakaukod mag-English. Nag-urugbon … Continue reading The Art of “Tatsar”

10 Commandments for Drinkers

The other week, we went to Iriga City to visit some friends. The city is indeed changing including the location of one of its radio stations -- the DWIR-Radyo Natin (107.1 FM). In one of the visitors' corner of Radyo Natin is posted a sort of a Ten Commandments for Drinkers allegedly authored by DWIR … Continue reading 10 Commandments for Drinkers


[ I got this from the Facebook and e-mails and I think it's worthy to share. No offence meant, uh! :)..] ALBAYANO KA KUNG........ "Pag may nasabat na magayon na babaye,titatsaran mo tulos maski muya mo man. An pirmi mo narereparo an dungo kung marayrahay o bisngagun. An snack mo pirmi baduya sa may Digitel/post … Continue reading ALBAYANO KA KUNG……..

Rizal: Some myths and legends

One of the top posts in my blog the past few weeks is Idolizing Jose Rizal. It receives at least 20 hits a day and is the number 1 in terms of keyword search. In the past few months, the high-hitting articles are those I wrote about poverty in the Bicol Region and the Politics … Continue reading Rizal: Some myths and legends

The concept of “Turugbong na Tubo”

Sitting president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is now maintaining a very active presence in the Bicol Region. Does this show that the “turugbong na tubo” is already at work in exchange for the election of the presidential son, Datu, as a District Representative of the First District of Camarines Sur? And if so, will this be … Continue reading The concept of “Turugbong na Tubo”