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Pelikula @ Kultura

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The Art of “Tatsar”

The “major, major response” of Maria Venus Raj finally led her to a “major, major mistake”. One, it led her to lose the Miss Universe crown, and two, it fed the hunger for mistakes of the “tatsadores and tatsadoras”. Siyempre dawit diyan an elementary teacher niya sa Bato kun saen siya primerong nakaukod mag-English. Nag-urugbon na baga hanggang kasabay na su BU-ICCS kun saen siya dineklara na Cum Laude.

But Venus Raj is composed. In a TV interview she said she is not affected. At least daa may mawawalat siyang legacy na magpapagiromdom sa mga Pilipino asin sa bilog na mundo manungod saiya: An tataramon na “Major major”.

O siguro nasanay na si Venus sa mga Bikolano lalo na sa mga Albayano na saiyang nakuru-kaiba kan siya nagklase sa Legazpi. Sabi daa kaya, an mga Albayano, tatsaderos asin tatsaderas. In the words of Pading Romy:

In Albay, “Tatsar” has evolved to be an art all its own.
This art is fairly common amongst Albayanos. It is not a trait we are particularly proud of..nor are we ashamed of it.The fact stands that we simply are a province of “Tatsadors and Tatsaderas”…

Sarong ehemplo, hale pa giraray sa Albayanong bida sa FB:

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10 Commandments for Drinkers

The other week, we went to Iriga City to visit some friends. The city is indeed changing including the location of one of its radio stations — the DWIR-Radyo Natin (107.1 FM).

In one of the visitors’ corner of Radyo Natin is posted a sort of a Ten Commandments for Drinkers allegedly authored by DWIR News Manager, Raul Sodsod. These are as follows:

According to Voltaire, translations can either be graceful or truthful but not both. Even then, below is an attempt to capture the spirit of the piece… at least the spirit. The melody and the beauty of it… well, uhhh… never mind. Can DTN help us here?

1. Thou shall not drink hungry.

2. Thou shall place the liquor inside your stomach and not in your head.

3. Thou shall not drink without ‘pulutan’ (or side dish or appetizer when drinking liquor).

4. “Pulutans” are side dishes not the main dish.

5. Thou shall not always argue and argue during drinking sprees to avoid getting hurt.

6. Thou shall not stall the glass in your hand because other drinkers are also waiting.

7. Thou shall not sleep in the midst of the drinking session.

8. Thou shall tell your wife that you are going to a drinking session to avoid getting fetched.

9.  Thou shall drink everything inside the shot glass and never throw a drop because liquors are expensive.

10. Thou shall not always avail of free drinks. Treat others also for a drink.