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Multiculturalism vs Assimilation

An interesting write from Carrick Irwin of Canada which supports the idea of "unity in diversity". Canada, by the way, also has a federal system of government and is actually one of the models Philippine federalists are looking into. A portion of his write is as follows: I have always been a fan of multiculturalism … Continue reading Multiculturalism vs Assimilation

Federalism and the Bicol Region

Last April 23 and 24, I attended the Round Table Discussion (RTD) and Workshop on Decentralization and Federalism at Southwoods, Carmona, Cavite. Masyado akong natali sa conferences and RTDs on party-list system and political parties the past few years kaya haloy bago ako nakaatendir giraray sa mga pagtiripon na manungod sa federalismo. And just like … Continue reading Federalism and the Bicol Region

Lubuagan Bicol version?

Lubuagan is a fourth class municipality in the Province of Kalinga in the Cordillera Region. The lingua franca in the municipality is "Lubuagan" just like Bikol for the Bicolanos. According to studies, school drop out rate in the municipality is high and one reason for this is the medium of instruction which is Filipino and … Continue reading Lubuagan Bicol version?

Names and Places

It is oft said that names bear meanings. Abraham, for instance, means "father of the multitude of nations" which goes true with Abraham of the Bible, and Abe Lincoln of the United States. With the names of places we have, for instance, "Camarines" which originated from the Spanish term "Camarin" meaning "granary". In a way … Continue reading Names and Places

Bicol tongue in a coma?

Just recently, a professor from Ateneo was reported to have successfully defended a new term in the Filipino Dictionary. The term: LOBAT. Yes, "Lobat" as in low battery. But while Filipino is improving by "copying" foreign tongue, medyo nalalaag sa  comatose ang lenguaheng Bikolnon. Primero pa sana, warang nagtuturo ki tataramon na Bikolnon sa mga … Continue reading Bicol tongue in a coma?