Multiculturalism vs Assimilation

An interesting write from Carrick Irwin of Canada which supports the idea of “unity in diversity”. Canada, by the way, also has a federal system of government and is actually one of the models Philippine federalists are looking into. A portion of his write is as follows:

I have always been a fan of multiculturalism because I think its beautiful to experience other cultures here in my home country of Canada. Others disagree with multiculturalism because they say it breeds a sort of criminal or separatist sub-culture, I believe that by not allowing immigrants to freely express themselves in their own culture breeds a separatist and sometimes criminal sub-culture…

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3 thoughts on “Multiculturalism vs Assimilation

  1. Yes, “unity in diversity”…is the only way to survive. Though in day-to-day-life it’s not an easy matter for both sides- for guests and for the host country. I’ve heard very bad experiences of Filipinos living in Canada…but that’s life. When things don’t run well in the host country due to unemployment, etc., the foreigners suffer the most. But it’s good that there are still people who are accomodating to their guests like this Canadian writer.

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