25th Orgullo kan Bicol Trade Fair

Do you know that trade fairs and exhibits are not just marketing stunts but a window to the place and the organizations where they came from?

I was first introduced to exhibits and trade fairs by Engr. Boy Lanuzo when he invited me to a cutflowers and orchids show. I did not only learn about how to grow orchids but was able to network with orchid growers and fertilizer producers. My interest in orchids, though, was a short stint but the experience taught me to be appreciative of events like trade fairs and exhibits.

But of course, exhibits are successful depending on the exhibitors, the services or products they showcase, and the marketing being done by the organizers. The event should make a kick and the news about it should spread like wild fire.

Unfortunately, the kick is missing and the news about the 25th OKB Trade Fair is poor. No doubt, the exhibitors are cool but the purpose will not be achieved if there are no visitors.

The 25th Orgullo kan Bicol (OKB) Trade Fair is happening on October 12-16, 2022 at Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall. There is no buzz right now but in support of the exhibitors, let us visit the event especially for the Bicolanos who are in Metro Manila. Invite also your friends and possible investors who can be partners in reviving the economy.

Participating in the Fair are credible organizations that are willing to show everyone what an uragon really is.

List of exhibitors to the 25th Orgullo kan Bicol Trade Fair

Products being showcased are food from different places in the Bicol Region to the terracota products to handicrafts. We also saw in the list the names of companies whose products include those that protect the environment.

Visit the event and help spread the word.


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