‘Magbikol Kita’ provides COVID awareness in Bikol language

By: bestofbicol.ph

The platform Magbikol Kita is helping out Bicolanos maneuver through technical, medical terms on Covid-19.

With recent DEPED studies showing that thousands of pupils in Bicol can’t read in English or Filipino, we ask: how else can we improve proficiency in a region teeming with rich languages and literary history? Is there a way to improve the use of language–for the young and old–in the age of social media?

The pandemic that is COVID-19 is changing lives, societies and cultures around the world. We’ve seen drastic shifts in economy, lifestyles, internet usage, among others. We’ve also seen the rising importance of information-sharing–ones that aren’t cluttered and actually inform (and do not add noise). There’s the occasional surfacing of fake news (which we hope to resolve) but that’s a different story altogether.

Fortunately, serving its purpose of instilling its local audiences the love for the Bikol language, Vic Nierva’s initiative Magbikol Kita (peppered across FacebookInstagram, and Youtube) is serving another purpose: provide awareness on COVID-19 using the Bikol language. 

We slid into his DMs for a couple of questions, but for now, check out Magbikol Kita’s health advisories, providing its audience a way through medical and technical terminologies about the pandemic.

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