10 Exciting Things to Do in Sorsogon

Bernard Supetran | Spot.ph


(SPOT.ph) When you think of Sorsogon, what immediately comes to mind is the butanding, which is also known as the whale shark. These sea creatures—the world’s largest fish species—are mostly found in the coastal town of Donsol, which is now dubbed the butanding capital of the country. But, of course, this province in the southern tip of the Bicol Region also offers a number of other attractions, from the pink-sand beaches in Matnog to the heritage structures in Juban. Here are a few of the must-sees, in case you find yourself in this side of the country.


Swim with the gentle giants of the Philippine ocean

Most animal interactions are under fire for being harmful for both the creatures and the ocean—but not in Sorsogon, where Dive Central Asia prioritizes the wellness of the butanding. Now, you can marvel at these huge creatures without the guilt of exploiting them. The best time to go is from October to May when the whale sharks pass by the bay to feed on planktons, krills, and juvenile fish.


Marvel at the sight of fireflies


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