The Town of Del Gallego

Del Gallego is the town on the northern most tip of Camarines Sur. This is where the Quirino Highway road meets the first town of Quezon province, Tagkawayan.

Little is known about the history of the town of Del Gallego, Camarines Sur.  Information taken from the old residents revealed that in the latter part of the Spanish regime, this town was a crude fishing village north of Ragay Gulf, at the mouth of Kilbay River and was named after the river. The Gulf abounded with fish and other sea products. A little further to the north was a virgin forest. This forest attracted much the attention of a strapping young Spanish traveler, Don Juan del Gallego from the little town of Villaviciosa in Northern Spain. Old residents of Del Gallego further claimed that he came from the south (Iriga) with his lone batel (a small merchant boat), trading in wild products and almaciga. The first lumber mill that Don Juan erected was in Sitio Pinagdapian, five kilometers up Kilbay River. The town folks left their fishing livelihood for whatever fortune they can reap from the new industry. Others went on with their farming. In a few years, this lumber camp rose to a progressive community. Don Juan led the people in most social activities. He erected a school and a chapel. He even organized a village orchestra. By this time he married a native of the village, the former Potenciana Ubante. He was 37 and his bride, 17.


via The Town of Del Gallego


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