Past governors of Bicol — Catanduanes

Catanduanes was once a part of Albay. On October 26, 1945, it was emancipated from Albay and was declared an island-province by virtue of Commonwealth Act No. 687.

Based on records, gubernatorial elections for Catanduanes started in 1948. According to Prof. Alex De Guzman, when the island was still in transition to becoming a full-pledge province, it was headed by Lt. Governor Felipe Olesco Usero. The complete list of governors of Catanduanes from 1948 to present is as follows:

1948 – 1951     Alfonso Vera Usero
1952 – 1959     Juan Molina Alberto
1960 – 1967     Jorge Vera Almojuela
1968 – 1986     Vicente Molina Alberto
1987 – 1992     Leandro I. Verceles Sr.
1992 – 1995     Rosalie Alberto-Estacio
1995 – 1998     Severo Alcantara
1998 – 2001     Hector Sanchez
2001 – 2004     Leandro Buenconsejo Verceles Jr.
2004 – 2007     Leandro Buenconsejo Verceles Jr.
2007 – 2010     Joseph Chua Cua
2010 – ?             Joseph Chua Cua


A Footnote:

Since our publication of the past governors of Albay, interest grew on the list of past and present governors not only of the Bicol-based provinces but also of the provinces in the rest of the country. But since, to borrow the words of Junason of Bulan Observer, “The search for the roots can never be a one-man undertaking…”, Biklish would appreciate very much your help. To help, click here.


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