Author: J.A. Carizo

Legazpi City Hymn

Kita an Legazpi Ngonyan Lyrics by Marne Kilates; Musical Arrangement by Gary Granada Ini na istorya kan gikan koMaigos, maboot, matiyagaKitang nag-ugat sa poon kan MayonLegazpi orogon an gayonSiyudad kan sakong pusoBurabod nin pagkamootNgonyan buda an maabotSa aga, sa agaKita gabos an mabilogKita na may kusog-bootGabos kita'an LegazpiLegazpi, Legazpi ngonyan!Ranga kan sadiri an gawi, an … Continue reading Legazpi City Hymn


CamSur’s adoption of BBM and the Turugbong na Tubo Mentality

As if the 2.1 million population is not enough, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Camarines adopted a new son, Ferdinand “BBM” Marcos Jr., just for the sake of getting close to the halls of power. But will this adoption solve the issue of poverty in the southern Camarines? Prior to the 1980 elections, Luis Villafuerte offered … Continue reading CamSur’s adoption of BBM and the Turugbong na Tubo Mentality

Old Legazpi Airport as a Business Park

The old LGP airport is being eyed to be a master-planned community which will be the site of the Regional Government Center Phase II, convention center, hotels, condominium units, offices and other establishments.  The old Legazpi City Airport The proposal is patterned on the conversion of the old Iloilo City Airport. It should be noted … Continue reading Old Legazpi Airport as a Business Park

Bicol Travel Show 2023

The Bicol Travel Show organized by Batto Naitas Bicol is currently being held at SM Naga City, Event Center today, March 11, 2023 and will culminate tomorrow, Sunday.The travel show highlights various travel destinations in Bicol and in the country. Visitors will be treated to amazing offers including discounts and promos for travel packages.

Bicol: A treasure trove of talents (Visual Arts)

Bicol: A treasure trove of talents (Visual Arts)

Bicolanos are also known visual artists. Below is an initial list of known painters, illustrators, architects and sculptors from various parts of the region. Bert "Sili King" Gonzales -- Camalig Albay -- comics illustrator, painter Elden Lumaniog -- Libmanan, Camarines Sur -- painter Hermel Alejandre -- Naga City, Camarines Sur -- painter Jun Tivi -- … Continue reading Bicol: A treasure trove of talents (Visual Arts)

Hypocrisy and the lack of support to Filipino athletes

Victory has a hundred fathers but defeat is an orphan. John F. Kennedy Several Congressmen have filed House Resolutions that give recognition to Bince Rafael Operiano, the 9-year old Albayano chess prodigy who lorded the East Asian Chess tournament in Thailand. Bince bagged four medals and a trophy for being the champion of the tourney … Continue reading Hypocrisy and the lack of support to Filipino athletes

Bicolanos making name in sports

This last few weeks, three Bicolanos are raising the Uragon flag in not so-usual sports -- Robert Timbal for Surfboarding, Ludwig Hans Carizo for Figure Ice Skating, and Bince Rafael Operiano for Chess. Ludwig and Bince are 11 and 9 years old, respectively. Ludwig, whose parents are from Legazpi City and Rinconanda, bagged four golds … Continue reading Bicolanos making name in sports