Gravel and Sand Quarrying in Albay

The Municipality of Guinobatan, in Albay, is one of those that suffered heavily from Typhoon Rolly. Its losses include five persons dead and two more missing, and millions of pesos worth of destroyed houses, public infrastructure and agriculture. The cause: The quarrying at the foot of Mt. Mayon that flooded the barangays close to the … Continue reading Gravel and Sand Quarrying in Albay

The agonizing wait

By Atty. Dan Adan When will this stop? This tempest rattling tin sheets Slamming roofs with sudden gusts Dumping rains Making rivers everywhere Where will they sleep? Those children rescued from the floods Grandparents too weak to fend for themselves Even able-bodied men shiver Rain-soaked and cold Even as we close our eyesOur ears are … Continue reading The agonizing wait

Here, Where I Stand

By Chito L. Aguilar Here were rice fields fed by the rainCaressed by sunshine, whose grainsWere so golden upon harvest time Here were vegetable farms enrichedBy volcanic soil, tended by familiesWith stalwart hands till harvest time For generations, folks tilled this landNear the foot of the volcano, sourceOf their income every harvest time Here was … Continue reading Here, Where I Stand

Typhoons that battered Bicol

Senators and Congressmen are pushing for the establishment of a Department of Disaster Resilience. Unfortunately, resilience is not just a structure or office but a state of mind. Just like the state of mind of the Bicolanos. Bicolanos, whether they like it or not, are honed to be resilient because their place is not only … Continue reading Typhoons that battered Bicol

Do Filipinos need a Department of Disaster Resilience?

On September 21, 2020, the House of Representatives of the Philippines approved on third and final reading House Bill No. 5989 or the Disaster Resilience Act. But, do Filipinos really need such a law? As published in the 2019 World Risk Index Report, the Philippines is classified as a “very high risk” country for garnering a … Continue reading Do Filipinos need a Department of Disaster Resilience?

Typhoon Rolly batters Bicol

"Bangon Bicol" is now becoming a byword after super typhoon Rolly (International Name, "Goni") battered the region and a major portion of Luzon and Visayas on November 1. As of this writing, the Rolly left 10 dead, hundreds of houses buried in water and, in areas surrounding Mayon Volcano, lahar, sand and other volcanic debris. … Continue reading Typhoon Rolly batters Bicol

NUJP – Albay Statement on the Closure of ABS-CBN Legazpi Regional Network

Today, August 28, 2020 is the last day of ABS-CBN Legazpi Regional Network operation after 23 years. The closure of ABS-CBN in Legazpi laid off 30 employees in Legazpi City alone. This is also the time that our colleagues in ABS-CBN news team will totally put down their microphones and cameras following the closure. The … Continue reading NUJP – Albay Statement on the Closure of ABS-CBN Legazpi Regional Network