Top Posts and Another Ronatay Piece

There are three posts that have been very active these days. These are

While the Rizal post is understandable being a part of the academics, the last two are surprising. But of course, these give some sense of elation and enlightenment as they are a partial realization of the objective of this blog. Second, they also prove some theories on the culture of the Bicolanos one of which is the love for literature. As Disciple-To-None (DTN) said in a comment on one of the poems “Masiramon sa talinga (pagdangogon)” which is also the comment of Juliet and Junasun of Bulan Observer. Third, this also shows that there are still a number of Bicolanos who know how to write pieces of literature in Bikol. Well, we can also add some debates about love like what Orange and Atty. Benjie (also of Bulan Observer) had been engaged in which are also insightful and stimulating.

Of course, we should also thank our other readers and commenters a number of whom are non-Bikolanos who asked that the posts be translated as well as DTN for the translation. For Nuarin Pa, DTN’s take is here, while for Kung Dae na Ako Namomoot, it is also here.

And, as an additional piece for our literature database, we are sharing once again Mr. Ronatay’s piece which is as follows:

An Mamutan sa Isog nin Kinaban

An gabat kang kabanggihang langit ruminumpag sa saimong palad:

Ta kun nata ta bitoon an sakuyang agimadmad kada paghaplos mo sa alumaad kong pandok,
nabubungog ako sa orogodog kan saimong hinangos na luwayluway natatagtag sa sakuyang talinga


sa liog
paidos sa nagtutuga kong daghan.

Sabi mo nalulula ka sa gabat asin lindok kan mga ngabil niyatong enot na napuwertahan sa bangging ang bulan buminoso sa sulnupan kang satuyang istorya.

Nabuyong kita sa bayle kan ipu-upong ruminapadag sa satuyang kugos. Duman sabi mo, duman ang pinakamarhay na oras na magadan.

Nakangirit ako.

Nakangirit akong nalalamos sa asul mong matang sing-rarom asin sing-kalmado kang dagat na maasgad.

3 thoughts on “Top Posts and Another Ronatay Piece

  1. I think Mr. Noratay is a person who is full of passion. His poem is really stimulating, padagos sana tabi sa mga composition mo, nagigimata an mga pusong nagkakaturog sa mga poem mo, lalo na mga Bikolano..Good Luck

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