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When I started my work on the Imperials of Albay, many encouraged me to write also on a number of local clans and families. These include the Maronillas who, apparently, are our distant relatives by affinity. But while research works like these are interesting, the availability of resources are not.

But the members of the Benito Clan, unintentionally, showed us how to build patches of history — that is, through  information-sharing. What they did is actually a model in knowledge development. Dakul an natatakot na mag-share ki information for a number of reasons pero an dai ninda aram, when one shares a set of information and another adds what he knows, a new set of information is developed. Bako arog kan pagkaon o ano pa man na bagay. When two kinds of food are set on the table, nothing new is developed. Pag kinaon pa, nawawara na. An inpormasyon, kun dai hihilomon, lalo pang nabibilog sa sarong bagong kaaraman.


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One of the highly commented articles here in Biklish is the Past Governors of Bicol (though that, actually, discusses only the governors of Albay).  At the end of the article is a wish (or hope) that one day, we can come up also with the basic biographies of said governors.

Luckily, we have Netizens and Biklish friends who have contributed also some information on the names listed in the article. The most active of these are the descendants of Saturnino Benito.

But while searching for the biographies of the other governors of Albay, I came across the special report of Joe Barrameda published in Bicol Mail and entitled: The Bicol Martyrs of 1896 Revisited. The report is interesting as it supports our claims that:


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In the early part of 2008, I wrote a paper for the Institute for Popular Democracy (which I also presented in the PPSA) on the decline of the Imperials of Albay Province. The paper concludes that if the clan will not reinvent itself and if the members of the clan’s later generation will not step their foot in politics, the clan will eventually lost its hold on local power.

Cong. Carlos "Papay" Imperial

Indeed, on April 11 this year, the clan’s political patriarch died and it signaled the death of the clan in local politics. He is Carlos “Papay” Imperial, the son of Domingo. Papay served as the Congressman of the Second District of Albay from 1965-1972; an Assemblyman from 1978-1984; and a Congressman again from 1987-2004.  His wife, Norma, substituted for him to fill-in his term limits from 1998-2001.


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