“Istorya ko, Tabang ko”: Saving Children one story at a time

Who doesn’t want to listen to stories?

As an innovative response to the Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic, particularly to address challenges for children and families under enhanced community quarantine (ECQ), Bicol University Students of Destiny and Destiny Professionals in partnership with the Tabaco City Nutrition Office and the Tabaco City Library launched the “Istorya Ko, Tabang Ko” on April 2.

The “Istorya Ko, Tabang Ko} is an online story-reading challenge that will give children a refuge from the hostile world of social media with age-appropriate stories for them to learn and be entertained. The challenge runs for the whole month of April inviting children and parents to share children-appropriate stories in you tube and inviting others to do the same.

The platform is also being used as a donation drive to give nutritious food packages to at least 100 undernourished kids in Tabaco City.

Participation and assistance to the children can be through any or a combination of the following:

1. Posting in Facebook, Youtube and/or Instagram a short video of the parents or their kids reading a short story in English, Filipino or Bikol. The stories should have valuable lessons.

2. Donate any amount for the “Istorya Ko, Tabang Ko” donation drive.

Note: A food package for one undernourished child will cost P300-P500 – you can sponsor a child or two if you wish!

3. Share any of the videos that uploaded on the “Istorya Ko, Tabang Ko” Facebook page so that more children can access the stories.

Find sample stories here: https://bibleforchildren.org/languages/english/stories.php

Additional information is at: https://www.facebook.com/IstoryaKoTabangKo/?modal=admin_todo_tour

Distribution of food packs to feed undernourished children under the “Istorya ko, Tabang ko” program.

Do you know of any innovative practice in responding to Covid-19? Fee free to drop a comment below.


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