Five years and counting…

It’s the fifth year for and in those years we were able to share facts, stats and crafts.

Recent WordPress report shows that some of Biklish’s most popular posts were written before 2012 — meaning, the articles were considered by you, dear readers, as relevant. Thank you. The most popular posts include: is also very popular not only in the Philippines but in other countries as well. Same WordPress stat analytics show that the United States ranks first with the most number of visitors with an average of 2,054; Canada with an average of 1,099, and; Australia with an average of 898. The rest are scattered all over the world. This could be true, if the WordPress stats are to be believed, considering that web-based public relation firms have contacted Biklish through its e-mail for some advertisements. (Why the negotiations failed, however, is another story. But, rest assured that the reason has something to do with content control.)

For this new year, promises changes, more articles, more facts — something that can be considered an “uragon experience”!

Thank you, and a happy new year!


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