Bicol History: In search of the Imperials

Next week, I will be presenting in the Philippine Political Science Association (PPSA) convention in Dumguete City my research on the decline of the Imperials, a political clan in the Province of Albay. To validate and substantiate the documents I currently have, I spent almost two days surfing as to what the Net has to offer. Too bad, it has offered less.
The first thing that came to my mind is that maybe, not all of the documents available printed form are already in the Net. But even scanning the libraries proved futile… at least for the moment. I think I still have to visit Ateneo De Naga as the university already has an Institute of Bikol History and Culture — an institute inaugurated in 2002.

Even then, hopes are not high for as I realized in my Internet research, while there are historical accounts during the Spanish period, darkness hovers the era starting from the American Period to the Japanese Liberation then to the Martial Law years. Garo naturog su mga historian during that time dahil maski title ki libro o citation, wara akong nahiling. Maski ngani su listing ki mga gobernador kan Albay, wara. Poor Bicol!

This realization was substantiated by the speech of Norman Owen, one of the US historians who had written something about the Bicol Region during the transition years from the Spanish to the American periods. In his speech in Ateneo De Naga, he said:

At least the first conquest and the evangelization of Kabikolan are reasonably well documented. Our knowledge of the next two hundred years or so of history is very much sketchier, however. Almost all that (Jose Calleja) Reyes records for this period is the role of Bikol shipyards in constructing Spanish ships – especially the great Manila galleons, many of which were built in shipyards along the Sibuyan Sea coast – and the impact of Moro raids. Yet this would have been the era in which towns were formed, landholding patterns, established, and the conceptual world of most Bikolanos, radically transformed. Of this cultural transfiguration we know almost nothing except for the origins of the devotion of Nuestra Señora de Peñafrancia.


The American period, like the Spanish, is known more for its start and its finish than for the intervening years. The conquest of Kabikolan by the United States, like its Spanish counterpart three centuries earlier, is well covered as is the brave Bikolano resistance. The building of schools can be seen as a kind of parallel to the Spanish establishment of churches, in each case introducing a foreign cultural presence which the Bikolanos soon came to accept as their own. But the next recognized “historical” event comes only forty years later – at least until Henry Totanes finishes writing the history of the American era. The Japanese occupation offers a scenario of vicious brutality and epic heroism, the latter symbolized by Wenceslao Q. Vinzons. Reyes enlivens his account of the period with his personal reminiscences; though they are interesting, they are not really incorporated into any larger attempt to assess political, social, and economic changes in Bikol society.

And then, with the Liberation of 1945, Bikol history virtually comes to end. Reyes does not actually stop his book there (as Gerona does), but most of his last seven chapters are on culture rather than history, although he does reflect on regional poverty in one chapter on the Bicol River Basin Development Program. But anyone who wants to know what has happened in Kabikolan since 1945, about the Huks and the NPA, or martial law and “People Power,” or even about that contemporary Bikol cultural icon, Nora Aunor, will not find it in Bikol Maharlika – nor, so far as I know, in any other text. Apparently the recent history of Kabikolan is still to be written, except in short journalistic essays.

So, what happened to my search for the Imperials? I must admit it remained a continuing quest. But even with the dearth of data, I still found something which, I guess, could help build a bridge in the historical gap. At least, for the Province of Albay.


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  1. maybe that’s politics, gabos igwa nin kasagkuran, as no one has vested rights to claim power forever, …… similar to the decline of the imperials as political clan or politcal family in albay, e.g. the laurels of batangas, tatads of catanduanes, butalids of masbate, encinases of sorsogon, padillas of camarines norte, rodriguezes of rizal, pagdangans of bulacan, lapids of pampanga, and many more…. in connection therewith, I posted an article in the bulan observer blog, re political dynasties in local politics- a lucrative family business?

    thanks, mabuhay an mga uragons!

  2. Hi! You might want to talk to Fernan Imperial from Bicol. He might be able to provide you with data from their family’s history.

  3. You’re doing a good job, jacarizo, by drawing our attention to this historical lapsus in Bicol. This topic should be brought to the attention of the greater public, to the politicians and to the academic circles.
    We need professional historians in Bicol and this should be provided by the government.
    Your discovery reinforces my belief that a regime that avoids the politics of transparency also avoids historians. And our country has ,till the present day, experienced mostly such kind of regimes…that’s why this lapsus maybe…
    On the other hand countries with practically zero-corruption, historians abound (for there are more good things than bad things to be documented) and they are well-paid. Politicians in these countries are therefore not allergic to historians ( or to journalists !).
    Thanks for your work.
    jun asuncion

  4. The best source of information about the Imperials, at least the Albay branch, is my cousin Sonny Imperial Tinio. He has been working on our family tree for sometime now, researching in different town registrars and interviewing our uncles and aunts.

    1. Aren’t you a descendant of Luis Daen Imperial, son of Luis Duran Imperial? I’ve been trying to complete the tree of Lolo Cuing. Pls contact me through

      Luis Duran was the youngest son of Paciano Maravillas Imperial. His siblings were Carlos (1st National Assembly of 1907 Delegate & Supreme Court Justice 1935-41), Leoncio (Gov. and Senator), Salvador , Carolina (married Gen. Ignacio Paua) and Mercedes. Paciano was active in the Ayuntamiento de Albay and was head of the Albay militia during the Philippine-American War.

  5. Hi Sherwin,

    I have compiled a short list of a genealogy of the Imperials — Albay branch. If you are from Albay, may I know who your grandfather is para ma-trace ko rin ano’ng info ang ibibigay ko sa iyo (kasi di ko pa buo). Hanggang sa level pa rin kasi ako ng 4th generation from the Paciano Imperial brothers (circa 1890’s).

    Later, I’ll try to publish the siginificant whole (focused on politician-members of the clan). 🙂

    Thanks for visiting.

  6. hi j.a , im married to one of the imperials in albay..can you also provide me with the short list of imperial geneaology? it’s worth taking note, at least my kids would have an idea of their ancestors.

    what i know is that my father in law, Antonio Samson Imperial is the brother of the late Justice Jorge Imperial, and the former legazpi city mayors benjamin and gregorio imperial. They’re the sons of Paz Jaucian Samson and Gregorio Imperial. My father in law is the only one left alive today among the 4 brothers.

    Paz Jaucian Samson Imperial was the daughter of the former Albay governor Domingo Samson.

    The former Congressman Carlos R. Imperial is the first cousin of my father in law. His father is the late Senator Domingo Imperial. The former Governor Felix Imperial is also a cousin of my father in law.. not sure if first or second cousin.

    According to stories by my father in law, there were three imperial brothers, im not sure if they were from Spain. These three imperial brothers settled in Albay and in Camarines Sur and were the ancestors of the Imperials of today.

    Hope I have contributed something to your research… please email me your imperial geneology and maybe i can ask my husband’s relatives about it.


    1. Hi Ma’am Jessica,

      I have read your posts and the surnames are all familiar. Was Antonio Samson a doctor and did he die of tuberculosis? All I know is that we are related to the Jaucians because my doctor in UST knows that Samson-Jaucian are related. I think he is my great grandfather. I am really curious about my ancestry.

      1. Antonio Jaucian Samson, the dentist, was a brother of Paz Jaucian Samson. He was married to Lucia Corrales, the aunt of Pilita.

      2. Hi Sonny,

        Your comments are very informative and valuable. Thanks a lot for these. Would it be ok to contact you later if i have more questions? I’ll try to fill-in your information first in what I am doing.

        About Torribia Imperial, I heard that name in passing from one of my uncles (or was it my grandfather?). These are also valuable inputs in my family’s history so I’ll be “digging” on this more.

        Another point: Only a few values the contribution of your family in history not only of the Bicol Region but also of the whole country. For that reason, I raised the idea of writing a book on the role of the Imperials in the development of the Bicol Region. I just lack resources and some means to do so so I asked a friend to relay the information to Cong. Papay Imperial. Initially he agreed but he died before we push through with the project. Maybe you can also help consider this idea.

        Ok, till here at this point in time. I am looking forward for a regular conversation with you. More power!

        Jay Carizo

      3. Hi Sir Sonny Tinio. Lucia Corrales is my great grandmother. Have you by any chance known of Uncle Antonio Corrales Martinez? And have you been to our old spanish house in Galicia St., Espana, Manila?

  7. Hi Jessica,

    Im sure we are close relatives of your husband. My father’s name is Luis Paciano Imperial, son of Jose Luis Imperial and Hilda Hernandez.

    I remember my father told me about a family tree in Legazpi, Albay where they annually register.



  8. Hi Sherwin and Jessica,

    Sure I will be e-mailing you both a family tree that I was able to cull from my research. That may not be complete as my concentration is only on the political members of your clan and that may not be perfect yet as some information are irreconcilable as they need to be validated. But hopefully, I can expect comments from you both to further improve what I have done.

    Thanks a lot and expect an e-mail soon. More power to you.

  9. hi j.a. and sherwin.. acc to my father in law the imperials have originated from the three brothers, Elias, Macario and Sinforoso Imperial.. not sure if they are from Germany or Spain. he said we have to ask his cousin, the former Governor Diding Imperial about it as he knows the imperial family tree better than anybody else. i will be meeting with him maybe next week.
    you can reach me thru my email

    1. FYI Sinforoso Imperial by his last marriage was the father of:

      1) Teodora (who married Gen. Ludovico Arejola,
      commander of the revolutionary forces in Camarines

      2) David who married Lina Fernandez had 5 children who
      lived to maturity.
      2a) Juana who married Mariano Abella, 1st Gov. of
      Ambos Camarines, had 2 children:
      – Manuel Imperial Abella, 1931? ConCon
      – Socorro Imperial Abella

      2b) Gregorio who married Paz Jaucian Samson had
      4 sons:
      – Jorge, Justice of the Supreme Court
      – Antonio,father of current Vice-Gov.
      Harold Imperial
      – Gregorio, Jr. Legazpi City Mayor
      – Benjamin, City Mayor of Legazpi

      2c) Domingo who married Concepcion Jaucian del
      Rosario had 7 children
      – David
      – Benita m. Martin H. Tinio, son of Gen.
      Manuel Tinio, youngest general (at 20) of
      the revolution against Spain
      – Lino
      – Mercedes m. Ramon Abella Diaz, 1st cousin
      of Manuel Imperial Abella. He was
      Executive Secretary of Pres. Diosdado
      Macapagal, Concon Delegate for Cam. Sur
      in 1971, PCGG Commissioner and
      Ambassador to Canada.
      – Domingo, Jr. 1971 Concon Delegate for
      2nd District of Albay,
      – Carlos, Congressman 2nd District of Albay
      from 1965-1999,2001-2007 the longest-
      serving congressman in Philippine history.
      His wife, Norma Batiancela, was
      Congresswoman 1999-2001

      2d) Feliciano was Mayor of Legazpi for several
      terms and had many offspring:
      – Abelardo, his eldest son, became
      Vice-Mayor of Legazpi
      – Hiram, the youngest son, became City
      2e) Santiago

      3) Elias married Felisa Solano Samson, sister of Gov.
      Domingo Samson. They had 2 sons:

      3a) Jose who married Dolores Herrero was Gov. of

      3b) Felix m. Dionicia Detera Stedje had many
      – Felix became Gov.

      1. Hi Sonny, This is great! Can you send me information about the family Imperial tree? My used to tell stories about his uncle Papay (Carlos). Lola Pepita Imperial Aquino also visited us when my dad was sick. Thanks.

    2. FYI re Elias, Macario and Sinforoso. They are not the shipwrecked sailors.

      Sinforoso was the father of Elias, while Macario was Macario Samson, the father-in-law of Elias.

  10. hey my name is carmina fernandez im from legapi,albay but im living here at quezon city can u gie me some about that thing because i want to know about our family in the past years……because my father said that his grandparents is pure spanish and my uncle said that the word imerials is the real one who own the biggest lot in bicol but why the fernandez holding it? where’s the biggest lot that the spaniards own it that must be ours?????i know there’s something between fernandez and imperial………… i right>>>>

  11. hi,

    i would like to ask if where i could gather information about my father, Adolfo Miraflor Dineros and his relatives. I have never been to bicol because i dont know anybody from his side. He was born in legaspi city, sorsogon. i would greatly appreciate it you guys can give me any information.

    thank you and regards,

    arlene dineros

    1. Hi Arlene,

      Maybe your father was my grandfather’s brother (my dad’s side of the family)? I think he had a brother named Adolfo and my dad’s side of the family is from Sorsogon. My grandfather’s name was Simeon Dineros and his wife’s name was Gabina Buella. I will get back with you though – I made a family tree a few years ago, but it’s at my parents house.

      1. Hi, Michelle!

        Is there a possibility that you are my niece?! that Simeon Dineros is familiar to me. Is he still alive? Please email me any information coz i know nothing in my father’s side. My email add is: Thanks a lot.

    2. David monjardin imperial first wife is lina fernandez they have 5 children domingo. Feliciano, santiago, gregorio imperial
      juana imperial-abella
      And then he married julia fernandez the sister of lina fernandez they have 2 children maria guia imperial and
      luis fernandez sr. Ayaw niya gamitin imperial siya rin dati ang pinaka unang cabeza de barangaysa kanila almost 20years
      Uso pa noon mag asawa ulit. Kahit kapatid
      Yung mga lands ng fernandez na tinutukoy mo carmina is syempre mamanahin din ng mga anak nila yun kaya ganun
      May ma share na rin na kwento si juana imperial abella kinuha niya si maria guia para taga pagmahala ng mga properties nila sa naga sila rin nagpaaral sa ibang anak ni luis fernandez sr. One of them is carolina lorenzo fernandez. Siya ata tinutukoy ni carmina na carolina,.
      Carolina lorenzo fernandez age now is 75
      Kaya ang anak ni david monjardin imperial is 7.
      Sa haba at dami ng family tree natin mapapa isip ka tlga.

  12. hello everyone,

    I don’t know how will i start this but here is the informations i gathered. I was born in 1986 january at Philippine General Hospital manila but i don’t have a clue who is my birth mom and family according to my source; my real mom named me zenaida and my birth mom last name imperial when she was grand parents was a teachers. i was hopping someone or somebody will help me to find them, i’m 23 years old and already married. if you know any information please e mail me
    thank you

  13. I’m an Imperial. But believe it or not I’ve only been in Bicol once. My Dad knows our relatives, but I don’t. Who can ever give me details? Family tree will be nice. I can help too.

  14. hi cathie, i have a short list of the family tree. you can email me at so that i can send it to you. maybe you can add something to it or ask your dad to verify all the info ive gathered..hopefully we can work something out to get a detailed family tree. 🙂

    hello carmina, based from what ive read carolina duran imperial married gen.ignacio paua.

  15. Hello everyone,

    What can I say but I am stunned by what I read here.

    The former governor Diding Imperial is my late father’s uncle.

    My father’s name was Sinforoso Macario Elias Imperial Jr, I had no idea of the significance of his three given names.

    I’d like to join in this project please contact me a t

    I will contact everyone else who have listed their email addresses as well in due course.

  16. to carmina,

    hey, the spaniards were and are foreigners of these land. The real owners of this land are the filipinos and not the spaniards you are claiming.
    They did not come here to spread christianity, as read in our history books. They came here to conquer us as they did. The spaniards should be thankful to the filipino people for claiming the lands as they pleased.

  17. my mom was an Imperial. Her father was from Albay. This is our family legends. We come from 3 German brothers. Her father was the son of a man, an Imperial, who had 11 women and 53 children. He came from a political and influential family.

  18. taga- san jose, camsur ako, i mean b-place ko ‘to, now kya sipocot na ako ta uto duman pamilya ko. sa san jose may mga imperial duman, at least may maitutukdo ako 2 pamilya na bistado ko & bistado man sa sj. bka makadagdag info ni sa study mo

  19. ok?! whats the importance about our relatives and family?…and w8 my father’s grand father is a imperial he changed his surname into fernandez because he said he’s mad at his father because he’s just a son from the other women okokokok! that’s my great grand father lois imperial.

    1. Not just other woman magkapatid sila ang
      2 asawa ni david
      ang first wife ni david monjardin imperial is
      lina fernandez meron sila
      5 anak domingo feliciano, santiago, gregorio imperial and juana imperial abella
      then he married julia fernandez the sister of lina meron sila 2 anak
      si maria guia imperial and luis fernandez sr.
      Pinalitan niya surname niya
      Tsaka yung sinasabi mong lands syempre mamanahin din yun ng mga anak nila kaya ganun.. isa din sa reason ni luis fernandez sr. Kaya pinalitan surname niya dahil sa mfa properties ng fernandez kasi wala ng ibang magdadala ng apelyido
      May ma share lang
      Walang asawa si maria guia walang anak teacher siya sa naga kaya nung nag retired siya kinuha siya ni juana imperial -abella .para Taga pagmahala ng mga properties sa naga sila rin nag pa aral sa ibang mga anak ni luis sr. one of them is carolina lorenzo fernandez
      Baka siya tinutukoy mo na carolina. Anak ni luis fernandez sr. Na si carolina lorenzo fernandez at ang age niya now is 75
      sa haba at dami natin mapapaisip ka tlga marami din akong mga kilalang lahing imperial hindi masyado nababangit like obias torella miranda
      Marami pa.. kasi parang ang nangyayari na rerecognise lang is yung parang mga upper class lang baliwala nalang yung iba.

      May ma share narin meron dito old photos i think nung kasal pa ni david
      Monjardin imperial at lina fernandez kasi ang bata pa nila sa old photo 23 and 25sila kinasal kaya sigurado ako sila yun baka gusto nio makita share ko hehe at
      yung ibang picture ni luis hawig na hawig ni domingo imperial.. hehehe share lang.

  20. my aunt marina tancinco married johnny imperial of albay johnny imperial’s brother was the celebrated furniture maker during his time and i think their niece lolie imperial married billionaire Morris Carpo the developer of the legaspi towers in manila and now is the wife of former congressman actor dennis roldan are they related to the imperial political family because i remember they were good friends with pepita imperial aquino wife of then president marcos secretary of public works Baltazar Aquino is pepita aquino related to the imperial political family of albay

    1. My aunt married Juan Imperial his parents are Elias Imperial and Felisa Samson Imperial their other children are Joaquin the furniture maker and Jose Jr

  21. I’m an Imperial as well. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about my grandfather’s family somewhere in Bicol (he’s an Imperial). He went to Palawan and married a local. He never went to Bicol again despite my father asking him to. Now, maybe I’ll never be able to know about our family in Bicol because he already past away. His name is Domingo Imperial.

    1. Hi Joan! What is the middle name of Domingo Imperial, your grandfather? I have several Domingo Imperials in my computer list. Who are your parents?

  22. if you want to know more of bikol history,,..try to talk to dr.danny gerona of Ateneo de naga he is the best in the filed when it comes to bicol history..he has primary sources from support his research..

    1. thanks… we met already during the bicol studies conference at naga city and we look forward to meeting again. but while prof. gerona is a good source, his specialization is only during the spanish period. what we lack is the history from the american to the martial law period — the era which made significant impacts on our present lives. 🙂

  23. My mother ‘s name was Purita Elumir Imperial Montalban. Her brother was Dr. Benjamin Imperial. Their father was Pastor Imperial from Albay who married their mother Dorothea Elumir from Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental.

    My mother and father, Rudolfo Montanano Montalban went to live in Canada. Toronto, ontario is where they lived most of their working years.

    The family legend is of 3 brothers who came from germany but the names don’t sound german to me. So probably Spain then.

    I myself have 4 Children-Alana, Adam, Michael and Matthew.

    Alana has married Cesar Normand, Adam married Vanessa Nunez Hammer, Michael is engaged to Chelsea Carreno Lacey and Matthew is still single. So the family tree continues

      1. What is the middle name of Pastor Imperial? I have several of the same name in my computer list.

        FYI the Imperials in Negros and Iloilo are mostly descended from Imperials in Malinao, Aklan. There is a possibility that the 1st Imperial there came from Buhi, Cam. Sur, but there is no definite proof. They just have the same first name and lived around the same time in the early 19th century.

    1. I have extracted a record of Pastor Imperial y Estrada (the son of Engracio Imperial and Cristina Estrada) and Dorotea Elopre Elumir (the daughter of Tiburcio Elumir and Paula Elopre):,341145701,341027601,341022303

      It shows that Pastor Imperial came from Camarines Sur, however it is unspecified what part of that province he came from. I have already searched Naga City baptisms throughout the 1890’s, however you will not find him because December 1891 to August 1894 baptisms have been lost, skipped, or not uploaded.

      If you would like to search for records of him, you can check this collection:

      1. That is so exciting to see this information. I did not know the name Engracio Imperial was Pastor Imperial’s father and that his mother’s name was Cristina Estrada. That he came from Camarines Sur. Thank so much for posting this.

  24. maray na aldao to y’all ,

    I was in Bikol Area in the 60’s and 70’s
    mostly summers and vacation break ..
    I new the Imperials .
    Goyito ( Gregoria – Mayor of legazpi )
    Minguing ( Domingo – ConCon Delegate 1971 )
    Carling ( Carlos – Congressman )
    Juaning .. etc.

    They were tradititonal politicians mostly nacionalista .
    but they were mostly also very decent people .
    They would go around town with almost no bodyguard ,
    they would meet their contra-partido and would have a
    nice chat rather than argue or be threatening .
    Election time in Bikol in those days was like Fiesta ..
    no goons , guns or intimidatiton .
    I don’t say they were perfect but in comparisson to other
    provinces in the Philippines then bikol politicians where
    like southern gentlemen ..
    Also the Imperials were Chinese and Spanish origin ..
    basically what Filipinos are ..

    mabalos ..


    1. Haha Very well commented ! We just loved to drink and laugh, enjoy each other’s company to this day ! ….. yours truly …One Uragon Imperial !

      1. hello sir Sonny Tinio!
        i will be thankful if you please eMail me the family tree of Maximo Imperial and in connection with other Imperials from Bicol.
        hope for your Response.

        Harriet Ann Imperial-Atutubo Butay. July 21 2015

  25. hi docsandcomm, thanks for visiting i’ll try to send you a family tree of the imperials in albay… but i must say that is only focused on the politicians, and is still very raw. thanks

    1. Bonjour,

      Me, too. I am a descendant of Maximo Imperial. My mom Thelma Imperial told me that during their last family reunion, a family tree was being completed in one of the church in Naga. We are going home this June 2012, If possible, I would really appreciate to see a copy of this family tree. My husband and two sons are very proud to belong to this family.

  26. hi I’m a descendant of Dionisio Imperial. can you send me a family tree of imperials in bicol? thank you.

    1. What was the middle name of Dionisio? Who did he marry? Who were his children? Do you know what town he came from? I do not have his name in my computer list.

      1. David monjardin imperial first wife is lina fernandez they have 5 children domingo. Feliciano, santiago, gregorio imperial
        juana imperial-abella
        And then he married julia fernandez the sister of lina fernandez they have 2 children maria guia imperial and
        luis fernandez sr. Ayaw niya gamitin imperial siya rin dati ang pinaka unang cabeza de barangaysa kanila almost 20years
        Uso pa noon mag asawa ulit. Kahit kapatid
        Yung mga lands ng fernandez na tinutukoy mo carmina is syempre mamanahin din ng mga anak nila yun kaya ganun
        May ma share na rin na kwento si juana imperial abella kinuha niya si maria guia para taga pagmahala ng mga properties nila sa naga sila rin nagpaaral sa ibang anak ni luis fernandez sr. One of them is carolina lorenzo fernandez. Siya ata tinutukoy ni carmina na carolina,.
        Carolina lorenzo fernandez age now is 75
        Kaya ang anak ni david monjardin imperial is 7.
        Sa haba at dami ng family tree natin mapapa isip ka tlga.

  27. According to Martin Imperial Tinio

    The Imperial oral tradition says that the family is descended from 2 brothers shipwrecked in the San Bernardino Strait in the early 17th century and landed in Manito. The story is probably true a most of the land in that town belongs to the Imperials. They eventually moved down to Daraga, Albay and one is said to have migrated to Baao in Camarines Sur. Luis Dato, a UP historian said that he saw a baptismal record of an Imperial in Baao Church dated 1635. When I was going to work on the Imperial Family Tree in the 1990s, the church records were no longer available as the whole church had been burned. The present records we have of the Legazpi Imperials date from the 1790s, same as that of those in Naga. I’m still working on trying to connect all the Imperials in the country, including the ones in Ilocos and Aklan. I have already connected the ones in Batanes, who were originally from Naga. Incidentally, the Imperials in all the provinces were already cabezas in the late 1700s. My great-great-grandfather, Don Sinforozo Imperial became Gobernadorcillo of Daraga in 1850 and Gobernadorcillo of Legazpi in 1852. All his sons became officials of Legazpi and Albay towns in the late 19th century, while his daughter, Theodora, married Gen. Ludovico Arejola, the commander of the revolutionary forces in Camarines Sur.”

    1. Hello, my great great great grandfather was Felix imperial and his from Baao Cam sur, I believed one of my relatives has family tree of imperials of cam sur, he’s married to Leona Javier of Laguna

  28. This is very informative. Maybe we can exchange notes on this? In the next few days, I’ll start posting more my notes based on my researches including the family tree of the politicians…

    Feel free to post more information. Thanks 🙂

  29. @Enrique Bustos, reading the comments here up to the one given by you, a certain Ms. Carmina Fernandez is saying that the Fernandez coming also from Albay came from the Imperials? Is it true that one of the sons changed or adopted the family name Fernandez from his mother?

    I am curious because my mother family is from Tabaco, Albay and they are Fernandez.

    Would you have a record of this?

    1. The Fernandez connection is with David Monjardin Imperial who married Lina Fernandez & her sister Julia Fernandez. They were daughters of Bibiana Fernandez and are closely related to the Adornados of Legazpi. They were Spanish mestizas, probably the daughters of a friar, as was their mother.

  30. @ Tanny,

    Thanks for the visit. As far as I know, the Fernandezes are related to the Imperials because of marriage. The same thing with the relation between the Imperials and the Jaucians. I came across documents showing their relation. I’ll try to share these as soon as I can.

    1. @J.A. Carizo corrections, my mother’s family is Pantao, Libon, Albay.

      we are very excited to see the documents that you have. We hope to hear from you soon.

      Also, in case you get lost in the City of Baguio. Just give us a call.

      1. I’ll try to post what i have reconstructed based on my research. I know your mother’s family name as they also belong to one of the prominent political families in Albay. As for the Imperial-Fernandez connection, I think there is sufficient proof to it. In addition, (1) the Imperials own a significant real properties in the Third District, and (2) the incumbent Vice Governor of Albay, Harold Imperial, is from the Third District.

    2. Two of David Monjardin Imperial’s sons married Jaucians. Gregorio Fernandez Imperial married Paz Jaucian Samson, while Domingo Fernandez Imperial married Concepcion Jaucian del Rosario. Paz was the daughter of Domingo Solano Samson, 1st elected Governor of Albay, and Carmen Alban Jaucian. Concepcion was the daughter of Jose Alcala del Rosario (who later removed the Alcala when his relatives, Felix & Timoteo removed the del Rosario from their family name) and Benita Alban Jaucian.

      Incidentally, Ramon F. (for Francisco de Sales) Santos, the 1st Governor (appointed) of Albay. His only sister, Vicenta Soriano, was the mother of Jose A. del Rosario and was a native of Sta. Cruz, Laguna. The Alcala del Rosario were Spanish mestizos from Binondo, Manila.

      1. @ Sonny,

        I don’t know how far off this info is, but it seems that we also have a connection with the former Assoc. Justice Ramon Calleja Fernandez. It seems he is the cousin of Victoria Fernandez, who is our great grandmother on the Fernandez side.

        It is up to this line that we are aware of. specially that we are far from Bicol and we now little of our relatives there.

        Will your records clarify these? We are also in the dark as to who is the father of Victoria Fernandez is at the same time, interested to trace the lineage of the same.

  31. good evening… i am an Imperial myself…. our branch are from Pili, Albay. according to my aunts and uncles…. the Imperials originated in Germany… we evene have a coat of arm w/c was displayed at the lobby of the Imperial Hotel. my uncle Boris Imperial was able to trace back the roots in Germany and found out that our ancestor was the royal chef thus explains why we have a coat of arm. my grandfather’s name is Gregorio Estrada Imperial married to Elvira Serrano Imperial.

    1. Our family legend is that we are also from Germany. Recently I read the above post that my grandfather Pastor Imperial was the son of Engracio Imperial and Cristina Estrada. Wonder if there is a relation to your grandfather Gregorio Estrada Imperial.

  32. for Enrique Bustos, Pepita Imperial Aquino is a member of the Imperial Clan. She and her husband was the owner of Imperial Hotel. She was closely associated w/ Imelda Marcos and was also stabbed during an assasination attempt on Imelda.

  33. hmm.,pwede po mgask?
    i’m curious po qng san po ngoriginate ang family namin..
    atutubo po ang surname q..

  34. i dont know if my IMPERIAL ancestor is related to yours but my IMPERIAL ancestor was lucas IMPERIAL, he had 4 children rafael, baltolomea, ambrocia and gregoria. i think they originate from Bicol. This was in the late 18th cemctury. I dont know if this helps.

  35. Hi, My name is Christine. I just stumbled accross this article and am very interested in my family tree. I am the daughter of the late Dr. Elias Imperial, brother of Atty Diding Imperial and Sme Imperial. Are you able to let me know of any updates.

    1. Christine, I’m your nephew / cousin Jorge (Smito & Baby’s son). Through Jessica Imperial who commented earlier, I have joined a project on a website to try to piece together our family tree.

      We should meet up some time and we can work on piecing together more of the tree. This has become somewhat of a project of mine as well.

      Please send me an email to this address (I have semi masked it for security): jorge dot imperial dot au at gmail dot com.

      1. It’s good to hear you are building your family tree. The Benitos also was able to connect with their relatives distant and otherwise. Good luck to your undertakings.

        Would it be ok to request also a copy? I got names from your clan who are also politicians albeit minor but I do not know where to connect them.


      2. Hi Jorge,
        Just saw your message – sorry for the delay.
        I would like very much to meet up with you as it has been such a long time. Hope you are well.
        My e-mail address is

    2. Hello, Christine. I have been looking for a long lost friend Freding Imperial. We used to play chess together when our parents, both governors then, would meet. Please help me connect to Freding.

      Yoying Pimentel

  36. Hi! I’m Sonny Tinio, the one doing the Imperial Family Tree. I have most of the beginnings of the trees of the families in Naga, Baao, Pili, Albay, Ilocos Sur and Aklan. These date from the late 1700s. Anyone interested can contact me for info on their ancestors. I would also welcome any info that can add to my data. At the moment, I have almost 7,000 names in my computer list. My email address is

    1. Sonny, good to hear from you. Loving this blog, can’t get enough of this. Marilen told me about this site last year. Now I’m sharing it with my kids. I see all my cousins here as well.

      Christine, so nice to see you here. My chlldhood playmate !

      I am Eddie Imperial, son of Jose Imperial Jr and Nita Imperial. It’s an honor to meet you all !

      1. Hello Eddie. My name is Joann Hizon, the daughter of Katrina Pangilinan-Hizon. My mother (Kit) and your mom went to UST together. She’s wondering how your mother is. You can reach me at

  37. The Atutubos come from 2 branches of Excelser Imperial, the earliest Albay ancestor we have on record. One of his sons, Fermin Imperial changed his name to Aquende when his stepmom did not treat him well. He later became Gobernadorcillo of Albay and the street Capitan Fermin Aquende is named after him. His grand-daughter married Maximo Imperial, Jr.,grandson of Vicente?,a brother of Fermin. Maximo’s daughter Eva Imperial married an Atutubo.

  38. The Pili Imperials are originally from Baao. The missionary of Pili in 1810 was an Imperial priest, but when it became a town in 1830, the 1st gobernador de naturales (later changed to gobernadorcillo) was Gregorio Imperial who was married to Gregoria Imperial. Both of them came from Baao. The Imperials controlled Pili until the 20th century.

  39. I was looking at my Imperial Family Tree. I have Toribia Imperial, born @ 1880, who married Dalmacio Cariso. Their daughter Tomasa married Jesus Miat Biguiña and had a son, Perfecto, who was born April 25, 1919. I don’t have any siblings of Tomasa, as I haven’t completed my research of the Naga records.

    I am interested in that book project of yours. Text me (0916) 318-6937. I’m sure we can find a way of financing the project. That kind of book you are thinking of is not very expensive.

    I do not believe that the Imperials have disappeared. My cousin, Niño Imperial is Board Member of Albay. Congressman Bichara’s mom is an Imperial del Castillo, sister of Carlos Del Castillo, Ex-Mayor of Naga who is married to Carmen Fernandez (Imperial). I’m sure there are many Imperials in Baao, Pili and Pamplona in politics today, although many might not carry the surname.

    There are also Imperials in Lukban and Quezon province in politics today. These Imperials also originated from Bicol.

  40. Hi..I’m Flor Samson,born in Ligao City,Albay but grew up here in Manila..Can you please give me even a short info biography about Gov. Domingo Samson..Thanks 🙂

  41. Hi… I’m Rainnel Imperial of Makati, my grandfather’s name is Antonio Mayores Imperial Sr. also came from Albay and also they call him Pay Tonying… Would like to find my family tree in Bicol…
    My e-mail add is
    Thankz… ( ”, )

  42. Chris would you please post a link to the baoo historical website?

    I had a look and could not find it.


  43. I am Charito Imperial from Sariaya, Quezon. My father, Timoteo Imperial, was born in Tayabas, Quezon but he moved to Sariaya, Quezon where I and my siblings grew up. I met Pearl Imperial from Pangasinan and she told me that she spoke to an Imperial in Zambales who related to her about the story of the 3 Imperial brothers from the North–one went to Bicol, one went to Quezon and one was left in the North. I asked a friend to make an appointment for me with that man. I will be back to you as soon as I have met and spoken with him. Nice to read the roots of the Imperials. If anyone of you has a different story on how my part of the clan came to Quezon and got separated from the Bicolano Imperials I would be very, very happy. I am teaching in the University of the Philippines Diliman Extension Program in Pampanga. I married Oscar Sebastian from Zambales. There is an Imperial who became a provincial board member in Zambales and I think I will be meeting with him first. God bless us all!

    1. Hi Charry,

      Thanks for the visit. It’s great to hear your story and your initiatives as well. I think Sonny Tinio could be of great help to us. I was told he has this database of your roots.

      But a comment: Based on my research, the Imperials of Bicol were close to, and some accounts say, a good friend of, the senator-turned president Manuel L. Quezon. I even run across publications stating that the Imperials helped Quezon (who is a native of Tayabas) get the Bicol vote to win the Senate Presidency and later, the presidency of the Philippine Commonwealth. It could be because of those relations that some of the Imperials were tempted to stay in Quezon Province.

      Another thing, I also came across a legal case where an Imperial who is a resident of Quezon Province was a party to a land dispute here in Albay. It appears that this Imperial is an owner of a parcel of land in Albay but because he rarely visited his property, he sold it but was in a way questioned by his tenant. I’ll try to look over my notes and share with you the facts of the case. Who knows, he must be your grandfather? 🙂

      1. Hi, interesting info. He might really be my grand grandfather or relative of my father. What is J.A. in your name? Do you still have that research base of yours where you read about President Quezon and the Imperials in Quezon Province?

      2. Hi, thanks for visiting. J.A. stands for Jay Arimado.
        Regarding my research: yes I have encountered that document. It is actually an entry from a diary of someone close to then President Quezon. I’ll try to locate that and give you the whole entry. 🙂


  44. This is Charito Imperial again. Please notify me of your comments via my email which I forgot to check. Thank you. I am also in Facebook–see Charito Imperial-Sebastian

  45. Miss Albay of 1927 is a certain Rosario J. Imperial. Would anyone know here forebears/ parents? I am almost sure the “J” stands for Jaucian.

    1. As I know Rosario J. Imperial is the sister of my late grandfather Jose Antonio Imperial here in Makati and “J” is a part of our chinese inherit… But I dont know too what is “J” for, thats why I’m looking for our family tree…. U

  46. Hello!

    I am also a bicolana from Naga City. I know “kinalas” and luglug. I like luglug more than the kinalas.

  47. HI, I’ m LARRY BOY TAMAYO and I used to live in Cubao QC and I have a neighbor and friend whose name maybe familiar to you. His name is name is Smito Impireal, his father is Engr. Sme imperial and Malou and Marian his sisters. I think Smito moved to Austrailia. Smito studied at Ateneo de Manila. If I’m not mistaken Smito is also related to the famous Boots Anson Roa.

    1. Hello Larry Boy Tamayo, I am Jorge Imperial, son of Smito Imperial. My father passed away when I was only 16 in 1992 here in Australia. My aunts Malou and Mian are both here in Australia and doing well, along with their children, my first cousins. I would love to hear about my father if you would care to share some stories as I miss him very much. I’d be happy to tell you of our life here in Australia and the time I was able to spend with him before he passed away. If you have Facebook, please find me there, I am the only Jorge Imperial in Australia on Facebook. My profile picture shows me pursuing my favourite pastime of snowboarding.

      1. Hi Jorge, your father was our kuya when we all were growing up in Cubao. I’m Eddie, your Dad’s cousin. I was around 12 yrs old then if I remember. Our reunions were constant, going from house to house. All our Dads were larger than life as you know. My father, Ching imperial was 6’1 and your Dad was 5’9 I think, like me, and much more guapo ! Tito Diding, our Uncle was the tallest of the cousins, 6’3 maybe. Hope to meet you someday !

  48. Hi everyone,

    Im Virgilio Imperial Jr., my father Virgilio Sr. was born in Pamplona Cam Sur..his father was Anastacio Imperial married to Victoria Sabucor Imperial..My fathers cousin named Germinio Imperial is now the mayor of Pamplona. please send me information regarding our family tree, I met one Imperial here in Singapore, he was Consul General Neil Imperial, hope our family tree will help us connect our branches..thank you so much mga manoy at manay..:-)

  49. Hi! My grandfather is Domingo Imperial and he is married to Marina Imperial. They have 4 kids, Glenn, Gleason, Gilbert and Gigi who are residing here in Manila and 2 of them residing abroad. Do you by any chance know them?

  50. i am looking for a family of Salvacion Serrano Imperial
    a 120 year old in my search died on May 2010
    with 1 daugther Dolores Imperial leave at binangonan Rizal
    who’s taking a help to everyone or to any body in america or in her relatives in america according to Salvacio serrano imperial and help her in poor situation

    I know the location were this poor daughter leave

    anyone wants to know her this is my contact

    SUNCELL# 09324063594

  51. You might get more information from the imperial still alive .good luck.I will keep track of your great work.

  52. Hi, I am a French married to a bikolana. She keeps on telling me stories about her family from Albay, but only bits and pieces; she does not know the whole story. I was quite intrigued, so I started searching on internet; that’s how I stumbled on this blog.
    She is a grand-daughter of Maximo Imperial. Here is her family tree. If you can connect it to the oldest of the clan, I would really appreciate to have a copy.

    Maximo Imperial – Aurora Hernandez

    5 children

    Edmundo – died on the death march of Battan

    Eva – married Antonio Atutubo

    Lourdes – married Alfredo Corral

    Maximo Jr – married Leonila Belbis

    Thelma – married Wenceslao Canale who died in 1960
    Married Ernesto Esplana

  53. my grandfather Pastor Imperial is from Bicol. He had only 2 children there in Negros Oriental, Dumaguete City and Zamboanguita. . His wife Dorothea Elumir had a daughter Purita who married Rudolfo Montalban. The son was Dr. Benjamin Imperial. I don’t think there were any other Imperials in Negros that are related to us as far as I know. All the relatives remained in Bicol. He had 43 siblings from different mothers. Their descendants? Who know where they have emigrated.

    My late mother Purita told me her father spoke Spanish as his first language. Her father Pastor Imperial was an auditor in the government where he travelled extensively to audit municipal accounts in different cities.

    Her brother Dr. Ben Imperial had emigrated to the USA. His first wife Laura Hardy had 2 Children. Eric Imperial who practices Law in the Wash. DC area- so you see the political talents of the Imperials has spread across the ocean. And DorothyJane “Janie” Imperial, an accomplished soprano in a North Carolina City.

    Another thing I remember about Pastor Imperial was he was a diabetic who died while still fairly young. My mother states she was only in college when he died.

    Dr. Ben Imperial had 2 other daughters from 2nd wife Betty Jo. Denise and Dawn.

    My brother Rex Montalban married Mary Jo Campbell. They have one son. Kieran.

  54. My grandfather Pastor Imperial named his son Benjamin. He might have named him after his own father or uncle. It seems I remember very vaguely that a Gregorio may have been an ancestor, maybe a grandfather. And then there is the story of the three brothers. I had never heard of any shipwreck ancestor. My mother was very tall for a filipina 5’6″ very fair and my uncle also tall almost 5’10” or more. My brother is 6’2″ very tall for a Filipino and also very fair.
    Very interesting . The Imperials seem also very intelligent. My daughter is studying medicine and my sons are brilliant and so is my nephew. The Imperial blood line- very talented.

  55. Our great great grand father is Excelser Imperial bore two sons named Sinforoso and Maximo. Maximo then married Restituta Luna who had two daughters and one son. One of the daughter, Porfiria, married Jose Arboleda who also become Mayor of Legazpi. The other, Conception, married a Planes from Catanduanes and Maximo Nicholas who married Aurora Aquende Hernandez. Maximo and Aurora had five children; Edmundo, Eva, Lourdes, Maximo, and Thelma. Edmundo died in the Bataan Death March. Only my mother, Thelma, is the living sibling. Later, i will add the new generation.

    1. Perhaps we could be related. My grandmother Concepcion (Chuchi) Planes Pineda was from Bicol . Her family owned land in Catanduanes and she definitely had ties to the Imperial clan in Legaspi. My lola had several siblings but I only remember 2: Sarah (SalIy) Planes Sarmiento and Maximo Planes. I believe my Lola Chi ‘s mother might have been an Imperial married to Carling Planes, and that my lola’s grandmother was a Luna. As of the 70’s we still had relatives in Legaspi or Albay, the Imperial and also the Bosch Planes families.

      -Robert Pineda Escarraga

      1. Robert P. Escarraga,

        Yes, definitely you are related to the Imperials. The Planes in Catanduanes (Concepcion) is the Sister of my Grandfather Maximo Imperial. Actually, there are still lands in Pawa, Legazpi City which was the share of your Grandmother. The Branch Manager of RCBC, Legazpi Branch, Alma is married to Planes from Catanduanes and I had the chance to meet her husband once.

        The Maximo Imperial Clan are all here in Legazpi. All of the children of Maximo and Aurora Hernandez (First GrandDaughter of Fermin Aquende) are all deceased with my Mother, Thelma, as the latest who died last July 10, 2016.

        – Owen Imperial Canale

    2. Good Day!

      May I know the mother of Aurora Aquende Hernandez? and who is the sister of Aurora Aquende Hernandez? May I also know the name of the wife of Capt. Fermin Aquende? thank you. 🙂

      1. Sorry for the late reply. I’ve lost my data file so i have to look for my hard copy. The mother of Aurora Aquende Hernandez is Trinidad Aquende, the eldest daughter of Fermin & Prudencia Martinez. She was married to Felipe Hernandez. Her only sister was Isabel who was married to Felix Molo.

        Hope I have answered your querry!

  56. My grandmother named Martina (mother side) is an Imperial from Zambales who got a brother named Gregorio Imperial (both Imperial siblings married a Romero siblings from Libmanan Cam Sur). Gregorio settled and taught Chemistry at Silliman Univ in Negros Oriental. They originated from San Antonio, Zambales.

  57. I’m an Imperial as well. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about my grandfather’s family somewhere in Bicol (he’s an Imperial). He went to Palawan and married a local. He never went to Bicol again despite my father asking him to. Now, maybe I’ll never be able to know about our family in Bicol because he already past away. His name is Domingo Bajero Imperial.His Father’s name is Mariano Imperial. His Mother’s name is Juliana Bajero.

  58. Wait, Mariano Imperial And Juliana Bajero is not the real name of his parents. sorry.. pero sabi po sakin ng papa ko mga teacher daw po yung parents ng lolo ko (Domingo Imperial) tsaka may kapatid daw po siya sa Malabon..

  59. i am also imperial from bicol my mom is imperial when she is single. my grandfather’s name is jose imperial.i want to know my relatives coz imperial is a big big family

  60. My grandmother Francisca Luntok (born 1914 – and yes, she is still alive), was telling me that her Grandmother was an Imperial who married a Romero in Naga City. Her mother’s name is Cristina Romero. She was telling me stories that her lolo was in government? Is this the same clan? My own mother doesn’t know a thing! (haha)

    1. It is public knowledge that the Imperials of Albay and CamSur but I couldn’t get the links in their family tree. Probably because my focus is only on politicians. But we can draw the complete the whole tree

  61. tano puro si mga taga albay lang??pano naman palang si mga taga naga?my great grand father is Ramon Imperial..he is the gobernaor heneral of naga..but then Mariano Villafuerte replace my great grand father..but my lolo ramon told him na kung kukunin nya ang pwesto bilang gobernador ay pupugutan sya ng mga hapon..hehe..thats all my lola tells about my great gran father..but then ive realized..history makes my mind open..

    1. I read about Ramon Imperial. Kaso dai ko siya mahiling sa family tree na kapot ko. As far as i know, relatives daa kan mga Imperial sa Camsur ang mga yaon sa Albay.

      I initially found history boring pero na-realize ko, analyzing Philippine politics without looking at history is like looking at a cover of a book without reading the contents. 🙂

  62. Hola! I was so delighted to see this blog! I’ve been looking for my roots. The father of my grand father is Gimenio/Himenio Imperial (I don’t know the correct spelling of his name).

    I don’t know the name of his father. I’ll try to ask my grandfather if he can still remember. Gimenio/Himenio Imperial came from Bicol and migrated to Cebu a long time ago.

    I really want to know where we really came from, but I have a slight idea that the family tree started in Spain.

    I really don’t know what happened because my father Felix told me that Lolo Gimenio/Himenio never liked talking about his family and his life in Bicol, which was told to him by his father, Pablo.

    I think something happened to Lolo Gimenio/Himenio that made him decide to migrate.

  63. I grew up in Sagpon, Daraga in the late 50’s on the side accross the Imperials. One of the Imperial sons had children accross on our side but were never recognized. I am not sure where they are now or if they ever claimed their roots.

    On another note, I am writing a novel and the setting is Daraga-Legazpi during the Japanese landing on December 12, 1941. One of the characters is an American Franciscan friar in Daraga. What is mind boggling to me was there was not a single resistance that I could find. The American command was in Infanta, Quezon. It was as if Legazpi was there for the taking. Per a few interviews even St. Agnes had classes that day and the students were just told to go home like it was an ordinary day. Does anyone know why? What were the activties of Daraga-Legazpi that day and therafter? The church? The government? The people? Your help will be greatly appreciated.

    Lily Orticio
    Aventura, FL

    1. I got some court documents saying this Imperial so and so who is now living in Quezon inherited a piece of land from his parents in Albay and wants to dispose the same is a party to a civil case. Something like that.

      1. Coming to this exchange again because my son who is taking Spanish in UP Diliman asked me today if my ancestors on the Imperial side are Spanish. J.A. , may I know from what part of Quezon that Imperial who has a civil case in Albay in the papers in your possession has become a resident of? Is it Tayabas, Quezon? Thanks!

      2. Hi, Charito.

        1. There are claims that the Imperials are of Spanish descent and inter-married with Chinese. There are stories, though, that the original ones were shipwrecked Germans who later chose the surname Imperial when the Spanish Government made a law assigning surnames to the people of the Philippine Islands. I have no evidence to point which is which but what is clear in my research is that there is Chinese blood in your clan (which further complicates the matter because Spaniards in those days treat the Chinese as second class people). Maybe we can ask the elders like Sonny Tinio who has done also an extensive research on your family trees.

        2. It is Tayabas City in Quezon.

  64. Do you have information if Carmen Alban Jaucian, wife of Domingo Solano Samson(1st eelected Governor of Albay) and Benita Alban JaJaucian, wife of Jose Alcala del Rosario are ssiblings? Who are are the children of Cirilo Jaucian and Dona Irene?

  65. Do you by chance have records on Carmen Alban Jaucian, wife of Domingo Solano Samson(1st elected governor of Albay), , parents of Paz Jaucian Samson Gregorio Fernandrz Imperial and of Benita Alban Jaucian and Jose Alcala del Rosario, parents of Concepcion Jaucian del Rosario who married Domingo Fernandez Imperial. Would appreciate any information on them. Mabalos

  66. Would appreciate records on the children of Cirilo Jaucian and Dona Irene. What is the maiden name of dona irene? Are carmen alban jaucian and benta alban jaucian siblings.

  67. My great-grandfather was Crisanto Serrano Imperial (someone reported Servando as his middle name, but I think that was his maternal grandmother; November 25, 1915, Lagonoy, Camarines Sur (you cannot find him in Naga City birth registers in FamilySearch, but I hope to find him in Lagonoy baptismal registers which is not yet uploaded) – October 11, 1994, Melbourne). I am not sure if he was the son of Gregorio Imperial y Estrada (probably the son of Engracio Imperial y Belleza (the son of Gregorio Imperial and Juana Belleza) and Cristina Estrada) and Elvira Serrano. His brothers were Jesus and Sulpicio. He married Rosario Bonifacio Ramos (October 19, 1915, Plaridel, Bulacan – June 24, 2001, Melbourne) before 1946 and they had five children:
    1. Amparo (my grandmother)
    2. (stillborn)
    3. Fe
    4. Crisanto, Jr. (born Cris, deceased)
    5. Jose

    I hope someone can reply with my comment to verify my genealogy. Thank you. I leave my Twitter account, so you can contact me there.

  68. I’m really curious about my family history eversince i heard about it.. but i only know a few things and non of it actually supports every details -piont by point. all i know is that. My great great grand dad was the first doctor in virac catanduanes. You can actually search him up cause,he has the first ever case in the province.. ah. I hope i could still trace them all. I really am curious about what happend a long long time ago.. though i’m seventeen. I’ve been searching for answers since i was 12 years old. But till then upto now, all they can tell me are broken stories.:(

  69. My name is Emeterio V.Imperial Jr. My Age is 37 yra old present 2016.I’m a fifth son for a six children of my Parents.I’m A Grandfather Son of Late Mayor of Naga City Rosalio R.Imperial Sr.1945.My Father is Emeterio N.Imperial Sr.but lately he knew my Father in his Birth certaficate in Cathedral church that his name was Elueterio N.imperial when he was old 60 years old senior citezen.
    My mother is Celeste V.Imperial .shes from Gatchetorena Camarines Sur.

  70. Our grandfather was Juan Estevez, an acknowledged natural son of Don Elias Imperial, was a banker, PNB VP Mgr-Cebu City& died in 1936. Lolo’s younger half brothers were Gov Jose Jr, & Atty Felix imperial. He had 5 sibling, my mother, Nena, the eldest n only girl & 3 sons : Gov Jose, Dr. Juan Jr,, Atty. Eduardo & Roberto. Having family blood in politics, my cousins Pepe Estevez was a Legazpi City Vice Mayor, Jimmy Estevez, a City Councilor, & myself also then Albay Vice Governor.

  71. Martin Imperial Tinio, Jr., could I have a copy of your list of the Imperials of Quezon Province, especially Tayabas, Quezon? Thanks a lot and best regards.

  72. Any information on Imperials of Ilocos Sur? 🙂 My great great grandfather was Venancio Imperial who married Paladia Rivera. On another branch I have a great great grandmother Cipriana Imperial who married Agaton Vergara.

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