Bicol Festivals During April

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Paracale, Camarines Sur | Good Friday

The commemoration of the senakulo ni Kristo is comnon in the country. Paracale, however, is bringing this to a higher level with the reenaction of the Passion of Christ. Lenten observance includes Visita Iglesias or altar visitations and processions.

Kadagatan Festival

Bacacay, Albay | Black Saturday

After the commemoration of the death of Christ, Black Saturdays are usually considered a lull or simply a preparation for the coming Easter Sunday. Bacacay, however, introduced the Kadagatan Festival which features boat races. These include the race of out-riggered sea crafts powdered manually, and the Palayag — another boat race with sails. The grandiose spectacle is the show of colorful sails set against the backdrop of Albay Gulf puncture by the deep ultramarine color of the sea. Participants from the different parts of Albay merge in this small in this small progressive coastal town of Bacacay to join, win big cash prizes and earn the honor of most skilled sailor.

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Rodeo Masbateño

Masbate City, Masbate | Apr 9 to Apr 14

The Masbate Rodeo Festival (the once a year National Rodeo Competition) to see cowboys and cowgirls do what they do best

Baybayon Festival

Sagñay, Camarines Sur | April 15-17

Baybayon Festival is a summer festival held at the beach-side in Sagñay town in the Partido district in the province of Camarines Sur.

Lagonoy Kadahoman Festival

Lagonoy, Camarines Sur | April 24-May 1

Kadahoman came from the Bicolano term “dahom” meaning “beautiful” or “attractive”. This is a week-long celebration that showcases the beauty and rich historical/cultural heritage of the town of Lagonoy in Camarines Sur. The festival features cultural shows, native dishes and delicacies, and a myriad of activities such as trade, crafts and agricultural fairs. Home-grown merchandises made from native materials are highlighted including those that use the nipa or “karagumoy’’ and “tiger-grass” as raw materials. The materials needed in order to make a soft-broom. It has been noted that Lagonoy is the principal of “tigergrass” to the makers of the “walis tambo ” of Northern Luzon and other parts of Central Luzon. Date Range: Apr 1 to May 1.

Kadahoman came from the Bicolano term “dahom” meaning attractive or decent. This was first organized in 2005 by Mayor Asela Maria Valencia Florece to showcase the undiscovered town of Lagonoy and to boost its tourism and business potentials. The event will feature

Partido Baybayon Festival

Sagay, Camarines Sur | April 26-28,

This festival showcases the different tourism areas in the district and launch the municipality of Sagay as summer capital of Partido. Visitors converge in Nato shoreline or Baybayon in local dialect where various activities are featured.

May Ilaoud Festival

Milaor, Masbate | April 27 to May 1

May Ilaoud Festival a summer festival to commemorate the Foundation Anniversary and Feast Day of St. Joseph the Worker. Various colorful activities are highlighted to boost local tourism.

Butanding Festival

Donsol, Sorsogon | Apr 28 to May 5

Butanding Festival this April, Donsol town in Sorsogon holds an annual festival that ushers in the butanding (whale shark) season.

Similar to most festivals in the country, a street parade highlights the festivities. The main attractions, however, are eco-trips into the sea prepared by trained tour operators and guide for visitors who wish to see the butanding.

Despite their awesome name, whale sharks pose no harm to humans, though they sometimes measure more than 10 meters and weigh above a ton.

The sea near the shores of Pilar, Donsol and Magallanes towns in Sorsogon and Pioduran in Albay is well thought-out a “freeway” and migratory park for butanding. Although the whale shark watching season starts on April to December, a dozen of whale sharks can be seen in coastal villages in several towns straddling the Sorsogon Bay all year round, say local fishermen.



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