Masbate March

Where the deep, blue, summer skies
Kiss the summer sea
And the waves dance though winds sigh
Over green Isles three
Where hills, rivers and green fields
Keep a people freeLies the land God sustains
Our home, beloved e'er Masbate be.
Masbate forgotten never
For thee we'll live and strive and love
Joy and peace, be thine forever
God's blessing crown thee from above
Thy children shall bear thy name afar
O'er land and sea were' er they roam
Beloved Masbate, we will live and dream and love and strive for thee.
Isles of rolling hills and valeswhere the cattle graze
Coco palms and fecund hills
Ever green always
Mines of gold and copper ores
Rich hills, teeming seas
'Tis Masbate beloved
Our pride for whom we'll strive
Live, fight and serve.
Masbate, Ticao, Burias
You are the dearest Isles we know
Where strong men and lovely women
Forever told that thou mayest grow
Thy people are ever peaceful
But fight for right and honor's sake
In sportsfest, in battle
Its Masbate that will shine
Forever more.
Video credits to: @BrightSite106

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