The Japanese Tunnel at BU

While the whole country is aghast with the hazing incident that lead to the death of Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Cadet Darwin Dormitorio, I remembered a tunnel at the back of Bicol University that also became a site for fraternity hazings. It was a Japanese-made L-shaped tunnel that was used as a stronghold during World War II.

The tunnel can be accessed through the Ecosystems Research and Development Service at the back of the Bicol University Campus or by crossing the river at the back of the Bicol University Grandstand.

Because of the hazings, the tunnel has been closed to the public. It was later reopened to accommodate tourists.

The Japanese Tunnel at Bicol University is one of the tunnels made by the Japanese soldiers. The other tunnel that can be found in Legazpi City is the Lignon Hill tunnel that was rumored to contain treasures.


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