Sorsogon Congressional and Provincial Candidates for 2013 Elections

The elections in Sorsogon is expected to be one of the interesting local elections in the Bicol Region. Political clans still dominate but non-clan politicians are also on the rise and are posing challenges to make Sorsogon elections vibrant.

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In the congressional race, the vacuum created by the late Cong. Salvador Escudero of the First Congressional District is now being eyed to be filled by four contenders: Escudero’s wife, Eveline, who is running under the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC); Board Member Arnulfo Perete; and Atty. Aenas Eli Diaz. Both Perete and Diaz are running as independents.

In the Second Congressional District, incumbent Cong. Deogracias Ramos (LP) is seeking re-election and is being challenged by Guillermo De Castro of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), Sappho Gillego of the Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino (PMP) and Joey Solis, and independent candidate.

In the gubernatorial race, Raul Lee (UNA) is also seeking re-election. He is being challenged by former Vice Governor Renato Laurinaria (LP), and Board Members Amadeo Brin and Marc Eric Dioneda who are both independent.

In the vice gubernatorial race, Vice Governor Antonio Escudero (UNA) is seeking another term and he is being challenged by Board Member Ramon Vladimir Frivaldo (LP).
Below is the complete list of candidates for the congressional and provincial positions.

Congressional District Representative

1st Congressional District
• Diaz, Aeneas Eli (Independent)
• Escudero, Evelina G. (NPC)
• Perete, Arnulfo (Independent)

2nd Congressional District
• De Castro, Guillermo (UNA)
• Gillego, Sappho P. (PMP)
• Ramos, Deogracias (LP)
• Solis, Joey (Independent)


• Brin, Amadeo (Independent)
• Dioneda, Marc Eric (Independent)
• Laurinaria, Renato (LP)
• Lee, Raul (UNA)

Vice Governor

• Escudero, Antonio (UNA)
• Frivaldo, Ramon Vladimir (LP)
Provincial Board Members

1st Legislative District
• Aquino, Rebecca (NPC)
• Anonuevo, Roland (Independent)
• Amor, Owen (LP)
• Barbin, Nichol (Independent)
• Escudero, Krunimar II (NPC)
• Imperial, Antonio, Jr. (Independent)
• Lopez, Saturnino (LP)
• Lotino, Eddie (Independent)
• Millano, Carlito (NPC)
• Namia, Susan (LP)
• Ravanilla, Franco Eric (NPC)
• Relativo, Ever (NPC)

2nd Provincial District
• Alindogan, Asisteo (LP)
• Banares, Manuel (PMP)
• Borromeo, Nitz (LP)
• Esmeria, Isabel (UNA)
• Flores, Marian (LP)
• Forte, Amalia (LP)
• Gallanosa, Peter (PMP)
• Gamit, Juanito (Independent)
• Gerona, Simplicio (Independent)
• Gino, Edgar (LP)
• Glipo, Arze (LP)
• Guban, Renato (LP)
• Guysayko, Micheal (NP)
• Hao, Bong (UNA)
• So, Francis Gino (LP)


3 thoughts on “Sorsogon Congressional and Provincial Candidates for 2013 Elections

  1. it wil be the end of Lee lording it over Sorsogon it’s time for booting this corrupt Raul Lee. Hoping that contender will defeat him

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