Beautifully Bicol

Beautifully Bicol
FEAST WITH ME BY Stephanie Zubiri (The Philippine Star)
October 17,2010

The Beautiful Misibis Bay Resort on Cagraray Island, Bacaycay, Albay

The majestic Mayon Volcano dominates the landscape. It is a paradox of nature: peaceful and pleasing to the eye with its near perfection and yet that steady stream of smoke from above its peak is a constant reminder of its fearsome wrath and power. Like a mysterious, beautiful woman, she coyly hides herself under the clouds only to reveal sublimity in moments of clarity. You simply cannot take your eyes off her. No matter where you go, the thought of her lingers and haunts you.


Touching down in Legazpi airport, coming down from the airplane, no garish tourism signs welcome you, just the awesome view of the volcano. Taking a boat ride off Bicol’s pristine coast line, shimmering blue waters contrasting with emerald green tropical lushness, Mayon towers over all, peering out into the Pacific eternally. Atop mountains and hills, or even strolling along the Embarcadero Mall, there is no escape from its presence.

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