Past Governors of Bicol – Masbate

Masbate is known as “the wild, wild west of the Philippines” and “the poor man sitting in the pot of gold”. Thanks to recent developments, the province is starting to shelve these names. Election observers for the May 2010 elections found Masbate to be relatively peaceful compared with the previous elections, and that the National Statistics Coordination Board noted Masbate “sliding in the list from being the poorest province in the country in the year 2000 with 70.2% poverty incidence to the 8th most poor in 2006 with 59.5%.

Unknown to many, however, Masbate is one of the early settlements in the Bicol Region. Artifacts dating back to as early as 10th century were found in Kalanay (now Aroroy), and when Captain Luis Enriquez de Guzman anchored on the shores of Masbate in 1569, he found tiny settlements spread along the coasts engaged in flourishing trade with China – an explanation why there are a number of Chinoys in the island-province. Masbate is also said to be the place where the Christianization of the Bicol started.

In part because it is the source of class lumber for the construction of galleons during the Spanish period, Masbate was declared a province in 1864. In 1908, this was revoked and Masbate was annexed to Sorsogon. Masbate again became an independent province on February 1, 1922.

Because of historical gaps, the only governor that we can list during the first declaration of Masbate as a province is Bonifacio Serrano. He ruled the province from 1902-1903. For the second declaration of Masbate’s independence, the list of governors (regardless of election years) are as follows:

1922 – 1925 Narciso Medina
1926 – 1928 Jose Zurbito
1929 – 1931 Teofisto M. Cordova
1932 – 1934 Genaro D. Briz
1935 – 1937 Domingo M. Magbalon
1938 – 1951 Mateo Sonco Pecson
1952 – 1955 Vicente Quisumbing
1956 – 1963 Jesus O. Almero
1964 – 1967 Manuel Pecson
1968 – 1979 Moises De la Rosa Espinosa
1980 – 1998 Emilio De la Rosa Espinosa Jr.
1998 – 2007 Antonio Tero Kho
2007 – 2010 Elsa Olga T. Kho
2010 – ? Rizalina Seachon Lanete


17 thoughts on “Past Governors of Bicol – Masbate

  1. This is a very informative article, Mr. Carizo. Masbate has been one of the earliest settlements in Bicol, especially by the Spaniards.

    Now I know why there are so many mestizas in Masbate. Gari gusto ko na lugod magbaksyon sa Masbate pagkabasa ko kaini.

  2. I was trying to find a list of former governors of Sorsogon Province since the province became independent from Albay. I will appreciate any information that you can provide. Thank you.

  3. the list of governors is incomplete. Jose L. Almario was a governor of Masbate and he’s not in your list

      1. He was conscripted by the Japanese to govern the province of Masbate starting 1943 and ending the same year when he was captured by the Guerillas.

  4. masbate boondocks but prolific but wheres the prolifancy the answer is the prolifancy is on the hands of the debauch leaders of masbate including ********** and ********….and now its dissappearing.

  5. its obvious in actuate that once that you are a corrupt leader you will find your answers where the end is there…..fellow masbatenos we are now on a horizon where the light is beggining to shine….but i hope that there will be no chances that will open the doors again to those imbecile leaders of the province may the new administration will continue the good deeds that the people is experiencing right now..KUDOS TO GOVERNOR RIZALINA LANETE AND TO HER ALLIES may you all continue and emancipate masbate from its own cage of misery…….GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL…….

  6. Hi, I would like to know if there are still Burdeos family in Milagros, Masbate. My father was born there but grew up in Manila and never came back to Milagros.

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