The “An Daya” Highway

Because of the elections, I was in Bicol almost every other week.  I used to travel by southroad as it’s both convenient and relaxing. It’s a bit expensive, though, especially if one considers gas and the toll fees. Maray sana ta dai pa nag-implementar kan 300% SLEX toll fee increase kan mga nakaaging bulan kundi sa June 30 pa. Maray na bakong maray dahil kaherak an mga commuters asin biyahero. Dagdag sa agony ang car maintenance especially passing the highway named after the father of budget secretary-now-elected Congressman Nonoy Andaya.

Picture taken in 2006 and definitely the same until now. Photo credit: darleneCMF (

True to its name, Andaya Highway is really An Daya o madaya o dinaya dahil bigla ka na lang malulubak o kaya kaipuhan mong pumundo dahil dakul na parte an mga one way-one way sa kahalabaan kan Ragay asin Sipocot. For a driver, it’s really “panirang moment” as you were speeding on a clear road then suddenly you have to make a full stop. This easily damages car brakes and suspension.

Pero nata ta arog kaan an Madayang Highway? To note, repairs had started even in 2004 and 2005 but still, dai pa natatapos. Where’s the beef… err, budget? And Andaya the son is the DBM secretary? Ano yan?And the guts to call that Andaya Highway? Does that reflect the good Secretary-turned Congressman-elect?

Andaya Highway
Another portion of the Dinayang Highway taken First week of June 2010

Okay, assuming Nonoy Andaya only releases what has been allotted, where’s the allotment? Imposible naman na wara considering that Luis Villafuerte sat in the appropriations committee and yaon man si Datu Arroyo? Or the allotments were released pero naibulsa lang kan nakaaging eleksiyon? During the first semester of 2009, warang masyadong trabaho sa dinayang highway pero when the last quarter came, sunod-sunod na alagad usad-pagong. This continued until elections pero the other week, halos wara na naman na nagtatrarabaho. Doesn’t this mean something?

Well, iba-iba naman siguro ang mga tawo. But heck! Would you name a rotten highway in honor of your father? Or, would you boast your closeness to Malacanang (or claim that the President is your mother) and leave your yard as dirty as before? Kung sabagay, may kasabihan man nanggad palan: May kwarta sa basura.

3 thoughts on “The “An Daya” Highway

  1. an corruption, nonoy, an nagpapadipisil kan gabos. kaya ngani an mga pulitiko urugmahon maglaog sa gobyerno na garo mga langaw na labi-labi an pagkamoot sa udo. maski kaya hababa an sweldo dakulaon man an “kita”

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