The Imperials in Bicol History (Part III)

[2G: The Generation … con’t]

Seeing their cousins perform well in politics, the sons of David and Elias also tried to make their respective names in the province. The first of these is Felix, the son of Elias, who vied for a Congressional post in the Second District of Albay in 1919, and the other is Domingo, who also ran in the same post in 1925. Both, though, were unsuccessful in their bids.

Domingo’s defeat, however, did not serve as a stumbling block in his political career. Following the 1925 Congressional elections, he concentrated in lawyering thus establishing a name for himself and a network. After nine years, he tried again his luck and this time he won a seat in the Senate. He served in 1934-35 and regained this post in 1941-46 immediately after the war.

In addition to his service as a senator, he also served as an Associate Justice of the Court of Appeals, and later, as a Chairman of the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

During his stint as Comelec Chair, Domingo became a very controversial figure. As a matter of fact, he can be compared with the modern-day Garci (Comelec Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano who is famous for the “Hello, Garci!” recordings) only that he faced his accusers and cleared his name in the court. It should be noted that prior to his appointment as Comelec Chair, Domingo and the Imperial clan were ardent members of the Nacionalista Party. Exceptions are: Carlos who ran under the Partido Progresivista, and Salvador (unknown relation with the other Imperials) who vied a Congressional post in 1922 under the Partido Colectivista. Because of the clan’s political affiliation, among others, Domingo was accused of rigging the elections against the Liberalistas — the political archenemy of the Nacionalistas. The accuser was the then Albay Governor Venancio Ziga and the accusations were recorded in a mimeographed paper entitled “History of the Last Elections of Albay”. The paper was circulated sometime in March 1952 which triggered Domingo to file a case of libel. Ziga and his co-accusers lost and were requuired to pay for damages.

Domingo’s siblings, Gregorio, Sr., and Jose were not as controversial. Jose served as Albay governor from 1934 to 1937 while Gregorio, Sr., served as Legazpi City mayor in various periods.

(To be continued…)


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  2. Hi Frank,

    Thanks for this information. I’ll think about this. I am not sure though if I can present my paper on the Imperials as I am not the sole owner of its copyrights. But I have done a lot about Bicol politics which I can also share.

    Whatever, a big, big thanks. More power! 🙂

  3. my aunt marina tancinco married johnny imperial of albay johnny imperial’s brother was the celebrated furniture maker during his time and i think their niece lolie imperial married billionaire Morris Carpo the developer of the legaspi towers inmanila and now is the wife of former congressman actor dennis roldan are they related to the imperial political family

    1. @Enrique Morris never remarried and he was not even a billionaire. He married a Rufino. Just getting the facts straight. Good luck with the rest of the history.

  4. I admire the valuable information you offer in your articles.Just thought you’d be interested to know that I have added you to my bookmarks You make 100% valid points in a concise and pertinent fashion, This is a really good read for me, thank you very much for writing this

  5. Salvador Imperial, also a lawyer, was the brother of Leoncio, Carlos and Luis (father of Pepita Imperial Aquino)

    Gregorio Imperial, Sr. was never in public office. He just practiced law.

    Jose Imperial, who became Governor of Albay, was not a brother of Domingo, Sr. and Gregorio Imperial, Sr. He was the son of Elias Imperial and the father of Juaning Imperial.

    It was Feliciano Imperial, a younger brother of Domingo and Gregorio, who became several times mayor of Legazpi.

    Gen. Paua was not a blacksmith. He was a foundryman, one who casts metal, who worked in the Sunico Foundry in Binondo when he first arrived in the Philippines. The Sunico Foundry was the largest in the country during the colonial period and cast most of the bells in the country. Sunico was the ancestor of Conchita Sunico, the socialite.

  6. Hi Sonny,

    Great and enlightening info. I’ll check on that and eventually update my records. I’ll contact you after the holidays and meet you, perhaps?

    Happy holidays!

  7. It is really a great and helpful piece of information. I’m glad that you shared this useful info with us. Please keep us informed with the developments on this. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Albay Gov, Jose Estevez Sr., (1962-1971) was a grandson of ELIAS IMPERIAL from his only natural son, Juan Estevez.

  9. Albay Gov, Jose Estevez Sr., (1962-1971) was a grandson of ELIAS IMPERIAL from his only natural son, Juan A. Estevez. Elias Imperial two other sons were: Gov. Jose S. Imperial, Sr. & Atty. Felix S. Imperial, Sr.

    1. Fyi, the children of Lt Col. ELIAS IMPERIAL were: Juan Estevez ( a natural son, his son JOSE Estevez Sr. was Albay Gov. 1962-71 ), Albay Gov. Jose Imperial ( 1935-37), and
      Judge Felix Imperial Sr ( his son, Felix Imperial Jr was Albay Gov 1971-86. Moreover, I have a book – Old Family Trees of Albay Province – there is a family chapter of IMPERIAL FAMILY OF Albay

    2. Lt Col. ELIAS IMPERIAL & Lt Col. DAVID IMPERIAL have an elder brother, Col. PACIANO IMPERIAL. Paciano Imperial has just illustrious sons like Supreme Court Justice CARLOS Sarte-Duran Imperial, Albay Gov. & Senator LEONCIO SD Imperial, Judge JOSE LUIS SD. Imperial, CAROLINA SD Imperial ( wife of Gen. Jose Ignacio Paua), etc.

  10. Your guys are doing a great job.For the new generation has something to read ,thus just not to read ..also to know more about the history of their last name Imperial.

    1. From my historical research, the original family name of the IMPERIAL of Bicol Region was KAISERLICH from the two German brothers: LUCAS & EXCELSER KAISERLICH who was shipwrecked at San Bernardino Strait & landed at Manito, Albay late 17th century. They changed their family name to IMPERIAL in the 18th century. I have a book for sale – OLD FAMILY TREES OF ALBAY PROVINCE, the Imperial Clan of Albay is a chapter of the book. My email address:

      1. My name is Dino Arroyo Andes from Baao Camarines Sur now resides in NY USA. Im the 6th generation from Lucas alyas Andeng Imperial circa 1782. I have a copy of the Imperial family tree volume 1( consists of 41 pages but incomplete. Most of the pages are the Imperials of Baao & few pages of Excelser of Albay) . I was able to trace the degree of consanguinity of the Baao & Albay because they were brothers but what puzzle me is that my Lolo Luis Guevara Dato which probably the one who wrote the Imperial family tree because he himself belong to Lucas Imperial descendants but never mention in the Baao Camarines Sur Souvenir fiesta program that they were brothers.The Volume 2 shoud contain the Barlin branch & other parts of Camarines Sur. Unfortunately I don’t have a copy of it until now. My conclusion is that, if they are not really brothers perhaps they are close relatives

      2. What i have in my.records are the Imperials of Albsy only. Msy I refer to the core group of the IMPERIALS of Cam Sur to Minnie Imperial Perez Gomez (her FB account name) who are presently doing the study & research of the genealogy of the IMPERIALS in Cam Sur. Please contact & mentioned my name that I referred you to her.

  11. I am related to the Imperials (Felix Imperial Jr. side) of Albay and would like to know if the book you mentioned, Old Family Trees of Albay Province, is available somewhere to purchase. I am trying to find out more about this side of my family. Thank you.
    D. Richardson

      1. Do forward me ASAP thru my email address ONLY your mailing addresss & cp nmber. My FB account is still under repair now. I send you now my updated book copy. GOD bless.


        Sent from my iPad


      2. Mr. Tuanqui-

        I tried to respond to this email, but the message is not getting through to you: .

        What does “cp nmber” mean? Can you accept payment with a VISA gift card? How should I pay you?

        Please correspond with me directly using my email:

        Thank you!

        D. Richardson

      3. Cp number means cellphone. My telephone number is +6352 483 5865. Where are you residing or address now ? You can deposit the amount to my BANCO DE ORO current account #001818 003370 Legazpi City Branch,Philippines under the name of MARCIAL E. TUANQUI, JR.

      4. I am in the USA but a cousin is in the Philippines. She has offered to get a copy for me and hopes to do this next week. If she is not able to do this, I will talk with my bank about sending payment to your account in Legazpi. So please be patient for about a week. Thank you!

      5. I still have some copies of that book & it’s available for sale from me alone. It is
        a big, laminated, hard bound coffee table book printed to last as a family treasure. The book weighs 1.3 kilos. For details contact my fb account name: Lito Estevez Tuanqui

    1. Yes, its available for sale from me now. I do sell it at p3,000/copy & for courier shipping costs is charged to the buyer: within the PH is only P300. & for USA its P3,000 delivery within 7 working days, Its a special heritage book, – big, hard bound, laminated, digital printed, a family treasure to keep. It covers the gensalogy of the Imperial family of Albay from 18th century to the present with pictures, &
      other family relatives. Gov. FELIX IMPERIAL JR is included in the book. He was a cousin of my mother. I am residing at Daraga, Albay, PH

      1. I will send the book copy as soon i receive your mailing instructions & remittance. Thank you.

      2. I will send the book copy as soon i receive your mailing instructions & remittance. Thank you.o

  12. Hello Mr. Carizo. My name is Rolando Castillano Imperial. My Father is Rizalino Imperial (later changed his first name to Raymond upon receiving his U.S. Naturalization after WWII on Oct 1, 1946. I’m researching our family tree, and currently I have 150+ family members verified through various official documents via Naturalization, Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates, personal interviews, pictures and of course including everyone that’s living. We’ve recently had our first ever Imperial Family Reunion in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA where we displayed my research to date showing discovered official records that included manifests from ships and planes of the Imperial and Sanano family (my Dad’s sister, Auntie Luz Imperial’s married name with Justino Sanano – WWI POW) migration to the United States as verified records of proof. My oldest living brother’s name is Felipe Imperial (75yrs old) and is named after our Grandfather. Very little is known about Lolo Felipe Imperial. What I do know is that our Grandmother’s name is Remigia Sanches and that our father Rizalino (Raymond) Sanches Imperial and his sister Luz are from Naga City. An 83yr old living cousin, born in 1936 told me Lolo Felipe Imperial was a Judge and killed while in office. I do not have verifiable proof of this. I’m writing to ask you if there is a database or record I can access that can tell me if a Judge or Atty Felipe Imperial existed? I found a Felipe Imperial, born in 1889 and died on Feb 8, 1955 at the age of 66. But the research shows that he died in Naga, Cebu which as you know is different from Naga in the Bicol region. Could this be a different person, or could he be my Grandfather but the location is inaccurate?.. I want to find out. So I’m booked to go to the Philppines in November 2019 and plan to visit the Archdiocese of Caceres in Naga as I understand they have some historical records. Also, my time in country will be limited so I want to maximize my concentrated efforts to hopefully getting my Imperial family history accurate. Do you have any recommendations as to where/what I can research such as Libraries, Books, Cemeteries – anywhere or place that is most likely to have information. I appreciate in any guidance or tips to help my exploratory trip be successful.

    Very respectfully,
    Rolando Imperial

    1. From my initial research in Naga City, there was a FELIPE IMPERIAL married to Irene Patrocinio but he was not a judge. Maybe he was a namesake. I will still verify my other sources for you.

    2. In Naga City, please contact FR DANILO IMPERIAL or FR TOOTS IMPERIAL of Penafrancia Basilica Minore, they could help as they have a record of the Imperial of Cam Sur. In Albay, do contact me for the Imperials of Albay family tree. My email adrdress:

      1. My grandma is Natividad Imperial of Albay. I hardly know anything about our family tree so I loved that I saw this page which may jumpstart my research.

      2. Hello to anyone posting on this site:

        My grandmother was Sinforosa Imperial y Jalandoni, born 1883(?). I am not sure of her maiden name as the handwriting on her marriage certificate is very fancy and hard to decipher. Her residence is listed as Cagsawa (again hard to read, possibly Cagsaua), Legasipi, Albay. Her father was Agripino Imperial and her mother, Teodora Jalandoni. On her marriage certificate, part of the certificate with her father’s name is torn off.

        I would like to find more information about her and her family. I believe she had a brother, possibly named Porfirio? He may have been an artist.

        Thank you for any help.

        D. Richardson

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