Albay mourns: Political patriarch Papay Imperial dies, 79

LEGAZPI CITY — Albay province is mourning the death of former Albay second district representative Carlos “Papay” Imperial, at about 9:30 am Sunday of Pneumonia complications at the Medical City Hospital in Pasig City.

He was 79 years old.

Imperial was rushed to Manila for medical check up  before the Holy Week and was confined at the Medical city Hospital for treatment as his body resistance grew weak. His body will be brought to his residence in Rawis, Legazpi City on Friday, April 16, according to Susan Ante, his personal secretary.

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Congressional Candidates — Catanduanes

Unlike the Camarines Provinces, Catanduanes did not benefit from the congressional district boom. As of 2007 census kaya, 232,757 lang an populasyon kan island-province.

For 2010 elections, there are four congressional candidates in Catanduanes and these are the following:


There are reports that it’s a take for Verceles but if the 2007 election results will be the basis, Wong will give him a hard time before winning the congressional race. The Verceleses’ political base is already on the decline though the clan can still rely on a solid base of 33,000. Above the figure is market votes. This means that in 2007, Leandro Jr. was only able to generate 13,700 market votes.

Leandro Jr.’s performance in generating the market votes is a bit inferior to Wong’s ability to court the undecided, swing and market voters. About 60% of Wong’s voters are non-hard core supporters which means that if she add extra effort, there is a likelihood that she’ll win the congressional race.

In 2007 congressional elections, Wong generated 45,690 votes while Verceles got 46,796 votes in gubernatorial elections. The voting population for the congressional and gubernatorial elections are the same considering that Catanduanes only has a lone congressional district.

The Imperials in Bicol History (Part III)

[2G: The Generation … con’t]

Seeing their cousins perform well in politics, the sons of David and Elias also tried to make their respective names in the province. The first of these is Felix, the son of Elias, who vied for a Congressional post in the Second District of Albay in 1919, and the other is Domingo, who also ran in the same post in 1925. Both, though, were unsuccessful in their bids.

Domingo’s defeat, however, did not serve as a stumbling block in his political career. Following the 1925 Congressional elections, he concentrated in lawyering thus establishing a name for himself and a network. After nine years, he tried again his luck and this time he won a seat in the Senate. He served in 1934-35 and regained this post in 1941-46 immediately after the war.

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