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Balagtasan Bikol-style and the piece “Sagkod Ngunian”

The Tagalogs are known for "balagtasan" or the tradition of debating in verse. The Bikolanos, too, has a similar art and it is known as "Tigsikan". Tigsikan is derived from "Tigsik" or the art of expressing a toast or an idea in the form similar to that of the Japanese "Haiku". Tigsikan is usually heard … Continue reading Balagtasan Bikol-style and the piece “Sagkod Ngunian”

Arak (Liquor)

TINIGSIK KO INING ARAK! NA IRALAOG KO SA TULAK, PAGNAGING IHI MAPANGHAK, DI BALI NA AKO MATIGBAK, TA DAI KO MAN PERAK. A wonderful contribution of Atty. Benjie of Bulan Observer. This actually forms part of his comments in our article on Kalunggay but I took the privilege to post this tigsik here.


When television was still a fortune, Bicolano families used to gather around a transistor radio weeknights and listen to Zimatar and his adventures. In Albay, the ritual would usually start at six o' clock to listen also to the "rawit-dawit" and "tigsik" . The ritual died, though, not because Zimatar finally defeated Eng-eng but because … Continue reading Tigsík