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Here, Where I Stand

By Chito L. Aguilar Here were rice fields fed by the rainCaressed by sunshine, whose grainsWere so golden upon harvest time Here were vegetable farms enrichedBy volcanic soil, tended by familiesWith stalwart hands till harvest time For generations, folks tilled this landNear the foot of the volcano, sourceOf their income every harvest time Here was … Continue reading Here, Where I Stand

Kansyon kang Mahiwas na Dalan, I — Hamudyong

Magian an puso asin bitis, ako minapoon kan sakong pagbaklay, Mabaskog, talingkas, an kinaban nasa sakong hampangan, Dadarahon ako kan tinampong ini sain man gusto kong dumanan . Puon ngonian, dae ako minahagad nin swerteng maray, ako na mismo iyan Puon ngonian, dae na ako minanguyngoy, dae na minahalat, daeng ibang kaipuhan, Tapos na ang … Continue reading Kansyon kang Mahiwas na Dalan, I — Hamudyong