Nurturing a culture of dependency

Many are asking: When will the promised “inflation ayuda” by Bongbong Marcos (BBM) arrive?

The inflation ayuda is a PhP26.6 billion subsidy to be given to the vulnerable sectors that they may be able to cope up with the rising prices of food and other commodities. It should be noted that the Philippines has been suffering from high inflation rates starting in the last few months of President Rodrigo Duterte the highest of which was in December 2022 at 8.7%.. The subsidy will be given to around 9.3 million households classified as poorest of the poor.

Inflation rates in the Philippines for all items from March 2022 to March 2023.

While the subsidy is a welcome move, the policy itself is nurturing a culture of dependency to encourage citizens to rely heavily on the government for their basic needs. By doling out cash, BBM will appear like a hero of the poor. Unfortunately, the cash to be doled out is not, in any way, part of the mythical Tallano Gold but taxpayers’ money.

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