To win the elections, has LRay made a new low?

The 4Gs to win an election are “guns, goons, gold and greed”. Greed is the latest addition because it is the driving factor, the motivation, to use the other three. Apparently, an audio recording of Cong. LRay Villafuerte circulating in the social media is to be believed, the Villafuertes of Camarines Sur already have completed all the Gs only that there are loose ends.

The audio recording, with a voice sounding like LRay is asking a woman to manufacture fake news against Vice President Leni Robredo and her allies in the Bicol Region. Robredo, who is running for president, won against his father, Luis Villafuerte in the 2013 Congressional elections. LRay, however, denied the audio recording claiming that it is fake.

The audio recording is below.


People of CamSur, can you help us determine the veracity of the audio? Feel free to leave your comments below.


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