Albay Province and Legazpi City among the Top 10 LGUs in collection efficiency

The Province of Albay and the City of Legazpi are among the Top 10 local government units in the country for their efficiency in collecting locally sourced revenues in 2019 according to the Bureau of Local Government Finance (BLGF) of the Department of Finance (DoF).

The Provincial Government of Albay ranked 3rd among the 81 provinces for achieving 161.2% collection efficiency. For 2019, the province’s collection target was only PhP 305.30 million but was able to collect PhP 493 million. Topping the list is the Province of Capiz with 194% collection efficiency, followed by Tarlac with 164%.

Table 1: Top 10 Provinces in terms of Collection Efficiency of Locally Sourced Revenues, 2019

Legazpi City, meanwhile, ranked third among cities in terms of year-on-year growth rate of locally sourced revenues (LSR). The LSR was computed as the sum of the Real Property Tax, Local Business Tax, Fees and Charges, and Income from Economic Enterprises. The Growth Rate is computed as (Current Year – Prior Year)/ Prior Year

Legazpi City’s collection target in 2019 is PhP 422.18 million but was able to exceed its target by 25.5%.

Albay’s component city follows Ceubu City with PhP 4.46 billion collections from the target ogf PhP 3.22 billion, and Antipolo City with PhP1.66 billion collections from the target of PhP 1.11 billion.


Top 10 Cities in Terms of Year-On-Year Growth in Locally Sourced Revenues, 2019

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