Irosin, the emerging economic hub of the Bicol Region

One of the emerging economic hubs in the Province of Sorsogon is the Municipality of Irosin, Sorsogon. It is strategically located in the heart of the Second District and is thus considered as the center of governance, public services, commerce and trade of the district.

Irosin, however, will not remain as the hub by just relying on its geographical location. This is clear with Mayor Pidoy Cielo and the Municipal Government. For this reason, Irosin entered into a partnership with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) for the establishment of a Training Center that will develop the municipal labor force and make it more competitive not only domestically but also globally.

But of course, the Center will not only benefit the people of Irosin but also the neighboring areas. The video below explains how.

Video courtesy of the Municipal Government of irosin, Sorsogon


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