8 June Bicol Covid Update: No new cases in the region

As of June 8, 2020, confirmed cases of COVID-19 recorded in the Bicol Region remain at 77.

No test results were received due to the weekly decontamination of the Bicol Region Diagnostic and Refetence Laboratory (BRDRL) every Sunday. Monday is also the decontamination day for Bicol Medical Center (BMC).

Yesterday’s results, however, showed that patients with local code Bicol#71, and Bicol#72, both from Camarines Norte, tested negative for COVID-19. Said patients are subject to 14-day quarantine.

On Suspects and Probable

Bicol Region has 6 suspects – 5 from Albay and one from another region but is currently in Bicol.

Meanwhile, total Covid-19 cases in the country breached on Monday the 22 thousand mark. Confirmed cases is now 22,474 with 1,011 deaths. Recoveriea is recorded at 4,637.


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