Chiz continues to receive backlash for balik-probinsiya initiative

Sorsogon Governor Chiz Escudero is now being roasted in the social media after two repatriates from the National Capital Region (NCR) tested positive of Coronavirus disease (Covid-19). According to Sorsogon Netizens, because the governor was “masyadong pabibo”, he put the entire province at risk.

The two Covid-19 positive individuals, both from Bulusan, are now in Dr. Fernando B. Duran Sr. Memorial Hospital for additional tests. If confirmatory tests show consistent results, they will be the second and third cases in the province.

Earlier, the governor was criticized for his “Balik-Probinsiya” initiative because the local health system is not ready to treat Covid-19 cases. It does not only put the frontliners at risk but also the whole province. If the governor is indeed serious in helping his constituents stranded in NCR, the provincial government just send the help but not allow the people to go back to the province.

The governor’s balik-probinsiya initiative has also triggered complaints from some municipal governments in the province. In Bulusan, the local Inter-Agency Task Force filed a resolution Tuesday to suspend until further notice its repatriation of returning residents because quarantine facilities are already getting crowded. This further puts the population at risk.

The governor may have good intentions to help his constituents. But isn’t it that the road to hell is paved with good intentions?


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