Top 7 businesses in the post-Covid’s lockdown

The economy is on a slump because of the Coronavirus (Covid) -19 and the lockdown cum community quarantine. But even if the lockdown is lifted, the economy won’t immediately rebound. The reason: the so-called “low touch economy” or the operation of businesses and economic industries that observes physical distancing.

Under the low touch economy, gatherings will be limited, mobility will be highly regulated, work from home arrangements will be the norm, and strict observance of proper hygiene will be the norm. These being the case, the primary losers will be crowd drawing events like basketball, boxing and other games, concerts, and derbies; malls and groceries; and, the Cinemas and theaters. Who will go on a date with one meter apart, by the way?

But of course, if there are losers, there are also winners. Our top-7 list includes the following:

  1. On-line shopping. With social or physical distancing in place, people will avoid crowded places including groceries and malls. This is where on-line shopping comes in. Not only will the proper distancing be observed but shoppers also enjoy the convenience of shopping with the fingertips and without any traffic.

2. On-line banking and money transfer services. These services spiked since the start of the lockdown and we don’t see any reason why it will go down in the post-lockdown period. In the first place, people need to pay for what they buy on-line, right?

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