CamSur divided in the midst of Covid

While we are waging a war against an unseen enemy — the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the local politicians of Camarines Sur are also busy fighting each other. On one corner are the Villafuertes with Vice Governor Imelda Papin, and on the other are the Andayas and the Alfelors particularly Iriga City Mayor Madel Alfelor.

On April 1, Cong. L-Ray Villafuerte accused his fellow Congresspersons, one is Congresswoman Marissa Andaya of the First District and the other he called by the name “Bukag Jr.” for sowing intrigues and sabotaging the Covid-19 response activities of the provincial government. Days later, Vice Gov. Imelda Papin also joined the fray by accusing the Andayas for blocking assistance of the province to the First District, and the mayors of Iriga, Sagnay and Ragay for politicking.

Those accused responded either personally or were defended by their supporters. For Mayor Alfelor, she issued a statement against, and named the purveyors of fake news — pages that are allegedly funded by the Villafuertes.

We understand that as politicians, you have both the personal and political interests to help the people. We also understand that there are political differences that we should always consider in the governance equation. But since time immemorial countries that are highly divided usually end up the sore losers in the war.

We are currently at war and not just an ordinary war because the enemy is unseen. We do not know where they are and we are only defending through a hit or miss strategy. Given this, maybe you should get your acts together.. Stop bickering and let us to move forward. Now!


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