Psychological first aid for Bicolanos

When in a lockdown, when in a battle with an unseen enemy especially when the vaccine is not yet available, or when the end of the situation still looks bleak, feeling depressed, experiencing anxiety and fear is normal. But finally, there are friends who can help.

Our call for a psychological first aid was finally heard with the Department of Health Center for Health Development in Bicol (DOH CHD-Bicol) launched the “Handog Makinig Covid-19 Crisis Hotline”.

The program promises to share Brain Break tips on how to care for our mental health. To avail of these or if you need a professional to talk to, call the Psychological First Aid (PFA) Helpline on numbers:

Local PFA Helpline / Crisis Hotline: 0917-361-4785 GLOBE / 0917-529-5372 / 0998-950-2918 / 0917-520-1332.

NCMH COVID-19 Hotline SMART – 0949 568 2910 GLOBE – 0966 351 4518

USAP Hotline 0917 899 8727 989 – 8727

Feeling depressed, or anxious or fearful is not something to be ashamed of. It is normal. Call the professionals now.


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