Irosin deploys mobile market

The Municipality of Irosin in Sorsogon headed by Mayor Pidoy Cielo deployed mobile markets to the barangays to address the basic needs of the people.

The mobile market is spearheaded by the Municipal Agriculture Office and roams around the municipality one barangay at a time. The goods sold include vegetables, canned goods, rice and other goods to discourage people from going to the town market.

Buyers in the mobile market are also required to observe social distancing.

The mobile market is part of the municipal government’s response to the enhanced community quarantine under the Coronavirus disease pandemic that is currently affecting almost all parts of the world.

Irosin mobile market
Buyers waiting their turns to buy from the Irosin Mobile Market
The mobile market being set-up in one of the rural barangays of Irosin

Do you also know of LGUs with innovative Covid-19 response? Please drop your comments below.


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