A pandemic makes neighbors look out for each other in Sorsogon

Mavic Conde | Rappler.Com

ALBAY, Philippines — A one-of-a-kind response to the coronavirus pandemic has been initiated in Sorsogon province.

“Kindness Station” by Caritas Sorsogon is encouraging locals to practice bayanihan via its makeshift food station, where food packs are placed on racks, from rice, instant noodles, canned goods, and some vegetables and root crops.

It’s mantra? Take what you need, leave some for others, and give what you can.

Since it opened on March 25 at the Buenavista Elementary School, its first partner area, donations have reached P70,455 as of April 5, benefiting “mothers and children, vendors who can’t sell, tricycle drivers who stopped taking passengers, construction workers who can’t go to work, and daily minimum wage earners who can’t earn even a penny, and persons with disabilities,” the Kindness Station said on its Facebook page.

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