Burabod Musika

The Bughaw Digital — a company that believes in the power of the arts and of communication in transforming individuals and communities — is organizing the first-ever music camp in the Bicol Region from February 23 -27, 2020.

The Burabod Musika camp has two tracks — the song-writing track and choral conducting track.

To be eligible, interested participants to the songwriting camp are required to submit  their compositions, the merits of which shall be evaluated by the organizing committee to determine acceptance to the music camp. For the choral conductimg camp, interested parricipants must submit a choral conducting video demo.

Submission of entries for the first Burabod Musika Songwriting Camp starts on January 10 and ends on February 10, 2020.

For more information, visit http://bughawdigital.com/BurabodMusika to download the application form.


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