LGU Irosin RE Team tests hydro-power generation

Pico hydro-power generation parts (pressure and flow rate tester, turbine, dynamo, voltage regulator, inverter, variable transformer) assembled by the Irosin LGU Renewable Energy Team under the tutelage of Engineer Obet Verzola and close watch of Mayor Pidoy Cielo were tested with relative success.

The test gave the Team a 30-watts power generation reading through a leaky 4″ diameter PVC orange pipes with only 1 meter head. The Team is confident of far better results on the next test with more permanent continuous 8″ diameter butt-fused or compression coupling-joined black PE pipes, better pipe layout and more heads/height.

The activity is part of the organization of the Irosin RE Team, a continuing training exercise and capacity-building, particularly on solar and hydro, with engineers Roberto Verzola and Melvin Romano, as mentors from the Center for Empowerment, Innovation and Training on Renewable Energy (CENTRE).

Source: Inso Ubalde, LGU Irosin


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