2019 Elections: CamNorte Provincial Candidates

The 2019 gubernatorial elections in Camarines Norte is a rematch between incumbent Governor Edgardo Tallado and former Congresswoman Catherine Barcelona Reyes. In 2016, after battling sex scandal that caught national attention, Tallado edged out Reyes with a 2.3% vote-margin or around 5,000 votes. Will the rematch lead to Tallado’s re-election?

The full list of candidates for the provincial posts of Camarines Norte are as follows:


  1. BALMEO, Romeo (Independent or Ind)
  2. REYES, Catherine Barcelona (Liberal Party or LP)
  3. TALLADO, Edgardo (Partido Demkratikong Pilipino – Laban ng Bayan or PDP-Laban)

Vice Governor

  1. PADILLA, Ricarte (National Unity Party or NUP)
  2. PIMENTEL, Jonah Pedro (PDP-Laban)

Sangguniang Panlalawigan — First District

  1. ARGARIN, Bonifacio (NUP)
  2. CANLAS, Arthur Michael (NUP)
  3. DASCO, Aida (PDP-Laban)
  4. JALGALADO, Walter Randolf (NUP)
  5. MALUBAY, Teresita (NUP)
  7. PANDI, Muriel (PDP-Laban)
  8. PARDO, Pamela (NUP)
  9. QUIBRAL, Reynoir (PDP-Laban)
  10. SERDON, Artemio Jr. (PDP-Laban)
  11. ZABALA, Maria Cecilia (Ind)

Sangguniang Panlalawigan — Second District

  1. ABOGADO, Felix ( NUP)
  2. ALEGRE, Joseph Stanley (PDP-Laban)
  3. ASIS, Jose Sr. (Ind)
  4. HERRERA, Renee (PDP-Laban)
  5. LUKBAN, Julian Jr. (NUP)
  6. MARMOL, Romeo (PDP-Laban)
  7. MORENO, Renato (PDP-Laban)
  8. PADILLA, Casimiro Jr. (NUP)
  9. PANOTES, Joseph Christopher (PDP-Laban)
  10. PARALE, Godfrey (NUP)
  11. RAYMUNDO, Serafin (NUP)

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