Odds or Adds?

“At the end of the day, what will people say about you?
If folks were totally candid, totally honest, how would your epitaph read? In the Talmud it is suggested that to be successful in this life you should plant a tree, have a child, or write a book. This means you should be sure that you have exerted an influence for good in this life that lives on after your days on earth are done.”

At the End of the Day, James W. Moore

Ferdinand Marcos stayed in the presidency for 20 years. He wrote a book. Joseph Estrada stayed in the presidency for three years. Somebody wrote a book for him. Wara kayang sense kung si Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo isurat man sa libro?

Anticipating that books will flourish, the Arroyo camp went ahead and published two books. These are’ “BEAT THE ODDs: Another Stone for the Edifice,” which was co-edited by UP professor Dr. Gonzalo Jurado and deputy presidential spokesman Gary Olivar and which contains Arroyo’s accomplishments during her presidency and her legislative record when she was senator; and “Beating the Odds,” which was written by former Philippine Information Agency head Renato Velasco and presidential spokesman Ricardo Saludo, and which contains Arroyo’s response to terrorism, the peace negotiations with rebels, illegal drugs, the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, the Oakwood mutiny, and budget problem.’

Of course, Arroyo would want to be remembered not just as a  President but a successful one. Kaya ibinida niya ang saiyang mga naginibuhan. Ang problema, dakul siyang mga nalingawan. Ini ngonyan ang tema kan libro kan Focus on the Global South-Philippines, a think tank organization.

The book, Project 2010: Confronting the Legacy of the GMA Regime, “attempts to document key events and unpack important issues that marked the GMA regime. ” It contains 9 pieces covering the  themes: Chronic election fraud, fertilizer fund scam, military, power sector, budget powers, the Congress, Mindanao, appointments, and the Supreme Court.

The book is expected to be launched this second week of July. The full news story is found here.


4 thoughts on “Odds or Adds?

  1. Ayos yan para balanse an istorya. Aabangan ko ang librong yan lalo pa ta gari saro ka sa mga nagsurat.

    Maurag! Salamat.

  2. This appears at the GMA News website:

    Project 2010: a farewell gift to GMA

    Most people stayed indoors while Basyang went on its path of destruction, but some people braved the unfriendly weather to attend a book launch – but not just any book launch.

    The 97-page, square-shaped, smooth-paged work of heart titled “Project 2010: Confronting the Legacy of the GMA Regime” is a farewell present to former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo from non-government organization Focus on the Global South, its friends, colleagues and partners.

    Elegantly laid out, the book is a compilation of nine pieces covering the nine-year Arroyo regime, sourced from contributors with various areas of expertise. Focus on the Global South asked activists, advocates, researchers, writers, journalists and academics to reflect and write about the themes they had already been immersed in.

    The idea is to start an ongoing collective discussion and debate, so that the project goes beyond the book, and beyond 2010 as well. The book features contributions on Chronic Fraud in Philippine Elections (Roberto Verzola), Fertilizer Fund Scam (Luz Rimban), Military (Aries Arugay and Nicole Curato), Power Sector (Wilson Fortaleza), ZTE-NBN and Budget Powers (Jay Carizo), Congress (Walden Bello and Sabrina Gacad), Mindanao (Herbert Docena), Appointments (Cecilia Lero) and Supreme Court (Marites Danguilan-Vitug).

    More here>>> http://www.gmanews.tv/story/196237/project-2010-a-farewell-gift-to-gma

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