Changes in Bicol — # 2

Another major change in the region is the rise of shopping malls. There are two major operators of mall in Bicol these days: The LCC Group and the Gaisano Chain of malls.

An LCC Group iyo an pamosong local chain of malls sa rehiyon asin igwa ki mga branches ini sa Tabaco City, sa legazpi City asin sa Naga City. An Masbate City asin Ligao City magkakaigwa na man na LCC sa mga maabot na aldaw.

Kun sa Manila SM an sikat, sa Visayas asin Mindanao, Gaisano man an bida. igwa na man na Metro Gaisano sa Legazpi asin ini mga nagkakapirang taon na man na nag-ooperate. Matatagbuan ini sa sentro mismo kan Legazpi.

Later this year, the SM Malls will also have a soft opening for its newest branch — this time, in Naga City. The full operation will be next year.

In addition to these malls, there are also a number of local malls in the area. Kasabay na diyan an Robertson sa Naga asin an E-Mall. Medyo saradit lang but these can already satisfy the shopping needs of interested individuals.


One thought on “Changes in Bicol — # 2

  1. I think this is where we ate our lunch on our visit. I have also shopped some things there because i have no beach wear. We went to Caramoan and wow, those are pretty beaches.

    then we went to donsol for whalesharks but none of them showed up haha

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