Mt. Iriga and its other names

Shakespeare once said: A rose by any name would smell as sweet.
Photo courtesy of Yerick from Flicker. Source:

Siguro arog man kaan an bulod. A mountain by any name would look majestic just the same. Like Mt. Iriga which is the name I call the mountain at the city in Rinconada. Dai ko kaya aram an ngaran so I called it by the name “tatooed” on its belly as seen from one of the buildings in UNEP. A steemed professor from the Alfelor-owned university, Judge Cabral, however, says it is Mt. Asog. Others call it Mt. Sumagang or “Agang”.

Dipisil, dakulon na pangaran. Bako arog kan Mayon na an ngaran saro sana: Mayon.

But to solve this enigma, a blogger, Ugat, tried to clarify the name of the mountain in a post entitled “What’s in a Name I: Mt. Iriga, Asog or Sumagang?“.  Citing from different sources, Ugat claims the mountain’s name is a product of ignorance. The whole post is available here.


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