Author: J.A. Carizo

Is there crab mentality among Bikolanos?

Aki pa ako, pirmi nang sinasabi na may crab mentality daa an mga Bikolano. Mala ta bako lang daa uragon kundi makaurag man. Yan ang dahilan kun nyata dai nag-aasenso an Bikolandia. Kan panahon ni depuntong Presidente Ferdinand Marcos, an nagkapira sa mga kadre kan New People's Army (NPA) sinasabing mga Bikolano. At the same … Continue reading Is there crab mentality among Bikolanos?

Bicol: A treasure trove of literary talents

The Bicol Region has a long history of publication and writing even in Bikol language. Even though the Spaniards burned proofs of Bikolano writing, the region was still able to preserve some of the oldest published materials including the two literary magazines "Sanghiran nin Bikol" and "Bikolnon" which dates back as early as 1880. This … Continue reading Bicol: A treasure trove of literary talents

Bicol: A treasure trove of talents (Performing Arts)

Sabi ninda, pobre ang Bicolandia. mala ta pirming kaiba ini pirmi sa "Top 5 Poorest Regions in the Philippines". Sabi ko man, depende kung ano an lente na gagamiton. Kung kuwarta asin ekonomiya, pobre talaga ang Bicol pero kung arte asin musika, mayaman kita diyan. Indeed, Bicol Region was able to produce names in the … Continue reading Bicol: A treasure trove of talents (Performing Arts)

Senator Vic Ziga, Uragon

One of the Bicolano Senators voted at-large is Victor Ziga who served the Philippine Senate from July 1, 1987 to June 30, 1992. He authored and co-authored at least 295 bills and resolutions with local and national significance some of which were passed into law. Included in the legislations that he passed are: the law … Continue reading Senator Vic Ziga, Uragon

The 15 Bicolano martyrs

This day in Bikol history, on January 4, 1897, eleven patriots from the Bicol Region were executed in Luneta after having been accused of cooperating with the Katipunan during the Philippine Revolution against Spain. They are among the "Quince Martires del Bicolandia".  The other four of the fifteen either died in exile and a fourth … Continue reading The 15 Bicolano martyrs

Alto Pawnshop, a pioneer in the country’s pawnshop industry

Do you know that the second oldest pawnshop in the country is founded in Daraga, Albay? Alto Pawnshop, owned by Silvestre and Adelfa Alacala, was established in Daraga, Albay in 1959. It was founded to serve individuals and small businessmen who cannot, or find it difficult, to borrow money from banks. Alto Pawnshop continues to … Continue reading Alto Pawnshop, a pioneer in the country’s pawnshop industry

The agonizing wait

By Atty. Dan Adan When will this stop? This tempest rattling tin sheets Slamming roofs with sudden gusts Dumping rains Making rivers everywhere Where will they sleep? Those children rescued from the floods Grandparents too weak to fend for themselves Even able-bodied men shiver Rain-soaked and cold Even as we close our eyesOur ears are … Continue reading The agonizing wait