List of Bicol Festivals in the Month of May

Any ideas on what you should do in the merry month of May? Aside from the beach and parties, check the list below and revise your bucket lists.

Magayon Festival

Albay | May 1-31

A festival in the merry month of May, showcasing Albay as it comes to age, its cultural heritage, trade, travel and tourism beyond Majestic Mount Mayon. The festival includes various activity such as beauty pageant, photo/art exhibit, street parade, trade fair, sports fest, guided tours, etc.

Santacruzan Festival

Camarines Sur | May

A May celebration, Santa Cruzan in Camarines Sur is noted for its resplendent procession which is usually observed during nighttime. Beautiful and young Reynas in their glittered gowns parade around the town reminding the locals of the travails encountered by St. Elena in her search for the Holy Cross thousands of centuries ago. This one noted tradition has its beginnings rooted down from the Spanish regime. In the modern day celebration of Santa Cruzan, a nine-day novena is celebrated in honor of the Sta. Cruz (Holy Cross) enliven with Dotok and Lagaylay by neighborhoods. Beautiful and decorative altars which are made out of banana stalk carved with designs can be seen in every “istasyon” which is put up during the colorful celebration of the Santa Cruzan.

Picture credit: Primer

Tumatarok Festival, Minalabac

Minalabac, Camarines Sur | May 1

Considered as one of the most colorful and interesting fiestas in the Bikol region which takes place at the old, sleepy town of Minalabac. The Tumatarok Festival is celebrated every 11th of May which is done in honor of their two patron saints, Sts. Philip and James. Main highlights of the festive occasion include the evening tide fluvial procession where colorful floating pagodas crowd along the banks of the Bikol River ; the religious dancing of little boys who are called here as the Tumatarok ni San Felipe-San Tiago or the Rice Planters of Sts. Philip and James. These little boys, ages 8 to 11, sing the traditional Bikol hymn to the two saints. Likewise, after the celebration of the mass the next morning, the ten tumatarok once again performed another ritual, this time a sacred dance, in the sanctuary of the Church. It was said that their dance was a prayer to God, thanking Him for blessing upon the coming rice planting season which then and even now is the main source of income to many Minalabacueños.

May Ilaoud Festival

Milaor, Camarines Sur | May 1

A summer festival in Milaor to commemorate the Foundation Anniversary and Feast Day of St. Joseph the Worker. Various colorful activities are featured to boost local tourism.

Boa-Boahan Festival

Nabua, Camarines Sur | May 1

Boa-Boahan Festival coincides with the town fiesta of Nabua. The highlight of the affair is the re-enactment of the 13th century pagan rites which is enriched by colorful costumes. The rite is a dramatic revival of the traditional boa feast during the pre-Spanish era where pagans believed that the chains of coconut embryos called “Boa” are offered to their old deities.

Dayaw Dalan Festival

San Jacinto, Ticao Island, Masbate |  – May 1-3

Dayaw is an old Tigaonon term which means to show off, parade or display. In its strictest meaning, dayaw is to present with pride what is distinctly and essentially inherent in a person. Dalan on the other hand, means in olden times, a mountain trail which now includes path, street and highway. Dayaw Dalan Festival symbolizes the best of what the municipality of San Jacinto have as a town and as a people. The festival is held in honor of its patron saint, Santo Cristo de Burgos.

Balik Caramoan

Caramoan, Camarines Sur | May 1-8

A week-long celebration coinciding with the town’s fiesta, to showcase the wealth of wonders (WOW) of Caramoan Peninsula. Various exciting activities are lined-up to welcome the returning Caramoanons who now resides-in varioius parts of the globe. It aims to forge greater unity and cooperation and encourage Balikbayans for possible tourism and trade-related investments.

Palong Festival

Capalonga, Camarines Norte | May 10-13

Higlighted by a street dancing and agro industrial fair which expresses local folks gratitude for their town’s name etymology and signifies the abundant presence of rooster available in the locality. Held also in celebration of their Black Nazarene’s Feast Day on May 13.

Black Nazarene Feast

Capalonga, Camarines Norte | – May 13

A two-day religious festivity in honor of the town’s Patron Saint, the Black Nazarene, which is the object of veneration not only by the locals but by foreign devotees as well. It is highlighted by a pligrimage where people come in thousands to give in their respect to the miraculous Patron Saint.

Sarung Banggi Festival

Sto. Domingo, Albay | May 18-25

A fun-filled 8-day summer activity to immortalize the song Sarung Banggi and pay tribute to its composer Potenciano Gregorio. It showcases a variety of cultural and religious activities, food and sports fest, Beauty Search, folksong fest, agro-industrial fair and many more.

Catandungan: Padayaw Festival

Virac, Catanduanes | May 20-24

Padadyaw is an old Catandunganon term which means to show one’s best with pride and dignity coupled with excitement. This is a street-dancing of delegation per town to the tune of Pantomina. The towns are encouraged to flaunt its own image by associating its delegations costume and dance to what the town is best known for.

Abaca Festival

Catanduanes / May 22-27

This May 22-27, Catanduanes, the Abaca Capital of the Philippines, will be holding the 7th Abaca Festival. The Festival aims to showcase abaca-based products, and will treat guests and locals alike with vibrant performances, educational conferences, and immersive activities that highlight the versatility and sustainability of our province’s renowned agricultural product. Witness firsthand the passion and hard work of our abacaleros, who have made the abaca industry of our province alive.

Kaogma Festival

Camarines Sur | May 24-31

A week-long celebration of the of the foundation anniversary of the Province of Camarines Sur. The festival features numerous activities such as cultural expositions, sports events, beauty pageant, procession and Grand Parade.

Padaraw Festival

Bulan, Sorsogon | – May 30

A festival showcsing colorful costumes fashioned from the abaca fiber. It is highlighted by a grand street presentation wherein the participants are clad in colorful costumes using the abaca fibers.


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